So, Who The Stella 1000 LED Light Action Kit? Was It You?

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We had an awesome giveaway from Stella Pro Lighting for their Stella 1000 LED Light Action Kit! 

And, there's a page with all of the upcoming giveaways that are scheduled (note the schedule can change without notice).

Plus, I've started creating a new page where you can see all the winners from the giveaways and quotes from them about winning. So here's the giveaway winner page

Stella Pro Lighting:

Our first (of hopefully many) giveaway for Stella. They have some awesome lighting solutions for filmmakers and photographers as well as other kinds of lighting. Check their site!

The Light & Motion Stella 1000 is meant to be anywhere you want it to be. Whether it’s 100 meters underwater or 1000 meters above ground, our 1000 lumen light delivers 90 minutes of flicker-free, cinematic lighting on a full charge and is the perfect companion for HDSLRs, high-end cinema, or broadcast cameras.

Weighing in at just about .5 lb, the Stella 1000 sets a new standard for power and portability and is truly a game changer for content creators everywhere.

LEARN MORE about the Stella 1000 Action LED Lighting Kit CLICK HERE

  • Rugged, compact Single-point LED – waterproof to depth of 328 feet. Will withstand a drop from height of 3.3 feet.
  • 1000 Lumens – delivers 90 minutes of flicker-free, cinematic quality light on a single charge
  • Perfect for HDSLRs, high-end cinema or broadcast
  • Light – at just .5 lb with an integrated battery, the Stella 1000 sets a new standard for power and portability.


Diogo from the UK (see, we do pick international winners!) won and said this:

Huge thanks to planet5D for not only having these prizes but mainly for the information shared on its website. Very useful and it helps keeping up with all industry news.

Lights that can survive and are portable!

Have a look at what my fried Barry Andersson has to say about these Stella lights!

I also found this video from about a year ago about their 5000 lumens version:

Enter the NEXT giveaway which is live now!

Win 1 of 3 Tenba Cineluxe bags and carry gear like a Pro!

(cover photo credit: snap from the giveaway)


  1. Look interesting if only it was possible navigate on the Brand to get more info.
    I rearly see, in howday’s, a so buggy/non responsive web site as Stella one.
    Doesn’t give any good impression on brend stability and management.

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