DroneLapse: A New Direction in Shooting Time Lapses Using Drones!

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Not sure if you've seen the latest (but maybe that's what you expect me to give you right? Of course, my kids say I'm very behind the times LOL), but there's a trend now in the drone world to do DroneLapse – time lapses shot on drones!

I saw the first attempts several months ago and thought it was interesting and unique, but I didn't know how far they'd go.

Well now we know. Have a look at this! I think it is damn impressive.

So if you want to take your time lapses to the next level, it looks like you've got some learnin' to do! One of the first ‘how to' videos I found is below as well (which is a year old so see, i'm not so up on the hot stuff either).

Minsk 2016. DroneLapse

Via Vimeo Description:

A new direction in shooting time lapses – time lapse using a drone. The video features footage shot in summer, autumn and winter 2016 in Minsk.

How To?


I also found this unique video showing an idea of doing a ‘time lapse' by shooting the same scene over and over as a house is being constructed:

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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  1. I can’t seem to find a tutorial on how to do this time-lapse with a drone where the drone is moving a long distance like the example video. I assume you just need a drone with an A>B ability and you can tell it to go between those two points over 20 minutes or however long the battery will last. Hope to try this soon.

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