Curious About Hacking a 120-Year-Old Lens for Autofocus? Here’s How

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We’ve had some great stories in the past about using old lenses on newer cameras and people can get some incredible images with inexpensive gear – so when I saw this story about using a 120 year old lens and doing autofocus, I just had to share it!

And it just looks damn cool too! And you guys and gals seem to love these old lenses.


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How to Create a 120 Year Old Autofocus Lens

How to Hack a 120-Year-Old Lens to Give it Autofocus

Via PetaPixel:

The first autofocusing camera was invented 40 years ago, so how did weird lens lover Mathieu Stern manage to ‘hack’ AF capability into a 120-year-old lens from a folding camera? Well, it turns out there’s an adaptor that will let you do just that.

Just about any old manual focus lens can be made to autofocus, you just have to measure out the proper distance for infinity focus, and attach it (and any tubes you might use) to the Smart Teacart Pro Adapter. The adapter—which is meant to adapt Leica M lenses to Sony E-mount—works with the camera’s on-sensor AF to move the old lens towards and away from the sensor for focus.

That’s how, using this adapter and a few extension tubes, Stern was able to make a 120-year-old lens autofocus.

Sample shots taken with this paradox of a lens

Photo Credit: PetaPixel via Mathieu Stern

Photo Credit: PetaPixel via Mathieu Stern

See more shots and read full article at PetaPixel “How to Hack a 120-Year-Old Lens to Give it Autofocus”

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