The New MotoCrane Will Give You Smooth Highway Footage At A Reasonable Price

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Digital filmmaking has put incredibly powerful cameras in our hands—giving us the ability to match (certain aspects) of cinema technology that was previously entirely inaccessible.

This sort of rise of technology isn’t just limited to your Mirrorless or DSLR that you covet so dearly— It’s extended out to the powerful NLE’s that we benefit from every day and the plug-ins that we add. It’s programs like Da Vinci Resolve and gear like the DJI Ronin-M and Movi M5, and now the MotoCrane.

Zachary Nelson, CEO of MotoCrane took a problem that he had and turned it into an amazing new product that is one of the more impressive low to mid range budget rigs that I’ve seen. The MotoCrane solves the problem that many independent filmmakers have had. How do you get smooth footage of a moving car without spending tens of thousands of dollars on rentals or dangling out the side of a speeding Town and Country? Nelson wants you to instead think to rent or buy the MotoCrane.

A simple concept, but created with all of the smooth and polished edges that you’d expect from a high end rig, the MotoCrane looks incredibly promising. Not only is it possible to assemble and tear down the rig in a short amount of time, with only two people, it’s operated with a simple joystick/monitor configuration that has a very gentle learning curve. Above all of that, the first footage we’ve seen looks smooth. Smooth and beautiful.

While we don’t have any information yet on pricing, I think it’s safe to assume that for most of us independent shooters, it will be out of range, but it should fall well within our rental budgets. And really, that’s all we should ask for. The idea of owning a rig like this, while incredible, just isn’t necessary. Now it’s our job to make sure that our local rental house catches on, and buys one.

MotoCrane – 2017 Will Look Different


Elegant movement and robust stabilization at speeds up to 80mph. (Learn more)



Over-engineered to withstand everyday use in a wide variety of conditions. (Learn more)



A simple, safe and artistically empowering experience from setup through operation. (Learn more)


Learn more about MotoCrane.


Included Accessories- iPad, Gamevice, HD Monitor, 1x Lens Control
iOS App- Free; coming soon. Free future software updates
Certifications- CE, RoHS, UL
Max Payload- 25 lbs
Range of Motion- ARMA: Unlimited Rotation, 30 deg up, 45 down. ACRO: Unlimited Rotation, Tilt & Roll: 180 deg
Supported Cameras- Red: Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Weapon, Dragon
ARRI: Mini
Blackmagic: URSA Mini, Cinema Camera, BMPCC
Sony: FS7, FS5, F5, F55, F3, A7S
Canon: C100, C300, C500, 1D C, 5D MkI-III
Panasonic: GH3, GH4 GH5

Max Speed- 80 MPH
Max Acceleration- 1g lateral, longitudinal
Lens Height from Roof- 3′ above, 3′ below
Boom Length- 6′ from center, 9′ total
Max Controlled Speeds- ARMA: 4 sec 360º Swing. ACRO: 1 sec 360º Pan
Operating Temp- MIN: -30ºF, MAX: 120ºF *Over-heat protection
Weather- Water resistant

Power Input- Cigarette Lighter; 12V/10amp (fused in cable)
Roof- flat, glossy mounting points (non-fabric, non-glass)
ATLIS Area- 2.5’x2.5′ MIN, 4’x4′ MAX
Suction Cups- 6 inch diameter, 70 lb load rating each (x4)
Security Harness- Straps to wheel fenders rated to 300 lbs each (x4)

SYSTEM- 95 lbs unloaded, 170 lbs fully loaded (including max payload),
ATLIS Base- 35 lb unloaded weight
ARMA Boom- 50 lbs unloaded weight
ACRO Head- 10 lbs unloaded weight

Wireless- Long-range RF, Bluetooth Low-Energy, Wi-Fi
Energy Storage- 2 Ultracapacitors, 100 amp peak output
Intra-Module Connectors- None / automatic
ATLIS Connections- 12V in, SDI out
ACRO Connections- HDMI, SDI, 2x LEMO Connectors (Lens Control), D-Tap
Accessory Power- 200W D-Tap
Internal System Voltage- 24V

Learn more about MotoCrane.

(cover photo credit: snap from source in post)

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Mainly focused on documentary and experimental film, he has produced, directed, shot and edited many short films and a few long form works.

He shoots a lot and often.
Bret Hoy


  1. Seems a bit disingenuous to title your article “The New Motorcrane…At A Reasonable Price” and then state “While we don’t have any information yet on pricing, I think it’s safe to assume that for most of us independent shooters, it will be out of range…”

  2. “Editing the title more closely.” That’s a lie the other blogs and write ups all say that the price is not yet released the only reason I clicked on this article is I thought it would have some inside info. Nope but I did just make you some Ad revenue.

    1. It isn’t a lie sir… I frankly didn’t read the title that was written by our writers. We were NOT paid to post this article in any way.

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