Singapore in Time-Lapse Flow Motion

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There is a TON of stuff going on in this timelapse/hyperlapse/“flow motion” and I don’t know how they did some of it.

Sadly it only has 12k views even tho it has been online for 4 months. Tho now that I’ve done more digging, d’oh, it is a Rob Whitworth project and has several million views on Facebook! I should have known, it looks so much like other Rob projects.

And of course, one of the things I love about it is that he's really paid a lot of attention to the audio! Just listen to this on headphones and be enveloped in the right sounds for the scenes.

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And if you think about the 3 buildings in the first scene – the ones connected at the top (which you see shortly after with the people in the pool up there overlooking the city), you’ll realize that was shot over many months as they completed those buildings! But yet, it seamlessly is implemented in the scene that appears to be just one day. Astounding!

Rob told me this about the project…

Singapore is one of our favourite place and we hope to live there again in the future. One of the few places on earth that is truly multicultural.

Rob’s doing some amazing work and we’ll keep an eye out for his future work.

So what do you think? Pretty astounding right?

Singapore in Time-Lapse Flow Motion

A pulsating metropolis that’s brimming with an energy unlike anywhere else. We invite you to immerse yourself in YourSingapore and explore the city's many possibilities!

Video commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board. It was launched YourSingapore Facebook receiving 2 million plays, 20k Shares and 45k Likes within the first week of launch.

Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky

Female talent: Amelia Bones

Male talent: Paul Nagaoka

Rob Whitworth


(cover photo credit: snap from video)


  1. Obviously a Bunch of Really Well Done Hard Work went into Gathering the Imagery ~

    Unfortunately the Vast Majority of the Scenes are TooShort making it Hard To Watch & Quite

    Exhausting actually ~ Makes for an OK Teaser but that’s about it ~

    ORR ~ DeanB

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