Seasons of Norway – Magnificent Timelapse Adventure in 8k

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Here’s a beautiful timelapse that will give you a lust to go explore Norway! Shot over 2 years, you’ll see a stunning array of scenes and seasons.

Plus we’ve got the behind the scenes below as well.

Altho the description says it is 8k, sadly the youtube version only goes up to 1440 resolution so I’m a bit disappointed in that.

Make sure you check the list of gear as well… wide variety of cameras used on this shoot! The motion control was all Syrp gear interestingly.

SEASONS of NORWAY – A Time-Lapse Adventure in 8K

Via YT Description:

With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead. Using time-lapse, this film attempts to capture the ebb and flow of the seasons and is a result of one year of planning, a second year of shooting and four months of editing.

20,000 kilometers have been travelled, 200,000 photos taken and 20 terabytes worth of hard drives filled. Months have been spent hiking through the mountains, sleeping in tents and travelling through the entire country hunting for the best locations.

SEASONS of NORWAY is shot and edited by Morten Rustad. The video is available in up to 8K resolution (7680*4320 letterboxed).


SEASONS of NORWAY: Behind the Scenes

EQUIPMENT: Please see
for a list of the equipment used in this video.
LOCATIONS: Please see
for all the locations used in this video.
Follow Morten's adventures:
Created by (directed, photographed, edited): Morten Rustad
Produced by: Anders Graham
Soundtrack composed by: Jogeir Daae Mæland
Vocals by: Katrine Stenbekk
Mixed by: Sivert Hagtvet
Sound design by: Viljar Losnegård
Creative advising by: Jørn Nyset Ranum
Thanks to Syrp ( for providing motion control systems.
Production company: Turbin Film AS (

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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  1. “Altho the description says it is 8k, sadly the youtube version only goes up to 1440 resolution so I’m a bit disappointed in that.”

    Check again. Looks like someone heard you. Now a 4320P option. Never thought I would see that :-)

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