Libec HFMP/ HFMP KIT Hands-Free Monopod is an Innovative Video Monopod That Stands Out From the Rest

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I'm a monopod junkie and I know many of you are too – and Libec's just announce a new ‘hands free' monopod (hence HFMP part number) that many have been looking for.

While this is missing one feature I totally love from my other monopods (the lack of locking clamps to fiddle with), this has something that I've not seen on any other monopod. A vertical upright lock so you can lock it in place and walk away – not worrying about having it fall over! Unless you're in heavy wind conditions that is LOL.

All the other monopods I've ever seen have three feet to act like a small tripod, but none of them absolutely lock in the upright position. Many claim to have a notched position that will allow them to stand alone, but nobody I know trusts them.

This new Libec monopod seems to eliminate that fear. I'd love to give this one a shot!

Another great feature (that most do not have) is a fluid video head – most I've used have a vertical head that will move up and down (tilt), but not pan. Libec's not only tilt's but pans – AND it has fits either a flat head or a ball head (65mm) mount. That's flexibility if you want to use the pan/tilt head on another device.

Looks to be a real winner if you're in the market for a monopod. What do you think?

Update – availability is slated for late January. Monopod and case will list for $200, with the video head and case, it will be $340.

Libec’s new HFMP Hands-Free Monopod – First Look!

Libec HFMP / HFMP KIT (Hands-Free Monopod)

The HFMP / HFMP KIT (Hands-Free Monopod) is a professional video monopod that stands out from other monopods in the market as it is specially designed for free-stand operations. The Free-stand Base located at the bottom of the monopod allows users to instantly switch the monopod's function from a shooting mode to a locked vertical position with a single step. This cleverly designed monopod is ideal for those videographers who truly value operability and mobility.

“During our R&D stage, it was a great pleasure to organize several focus groups and meet with many professional monopod users to hear their experience with monopods” says Reiya Yamaguchi, Company Director at HQ. “They shared their thoughts on what they liked & disliked about their monopods, and what the ideal Hands-free monopod should be. After much consideration we knew what we needed to do to make the best valued monopod system in the industry. We're excited to extend our 60 yr. legacy of best-in-class camera support equipment by introducing HFMP to professionals and amateurs alike around the world”- Reiya Y.

Our new style monopod HFMP allows aspiring DSLR filmmakers, freelancers, and small production teams, pro level production value via HFMP's Free-stand base, step lock/release foot pedal, smooth panoramic rotations, speedy adjustments, and much more. Highlighted features and benefits are found below the following specifications.

HFMP/ HFMP KIT Specification

Advanced Features and Benefits

Hands Free Monopod
An exceptional mini tripod structure with increased stability allows the monopod to stand on its own with a wide range of cameras, allowing you to multi-task and make equipment adjustments in between shots, without the need to lay the monopod on the floor or lean it against the wall.

*Please note, to avoid accidents do not leave the monopod unattended at any time.

Step Lock/Release Foot Pedal:
A unique foot pedal with a smart lock/release feature allows the monopod to switch its function from a shooting mode to a secure vertical locked position with a single step. A helpful “Click” sound is present when switching between modes, conveniently indicating when the monopod is released or locked into the vertical position.

Smooth Panoramic Rotation:
A special built-in lubricated ball joint system, designed to prevent dust and debris from entering, offers smooth quality pan and tilt movements, allowing you to achieve smooth professional shots.

Quick adjustments for your Preferred Height:
A sleek design with numeric indicators for your preferred height settings, allows you to make quick height adjustments for consistent angled and measured shots.

Speedy Open / Close functions:
Designed for swift setups and compact travel, these user-friendly folding legs can be easily opened and closed with a push of a button, especially useful for run&gun situations.

Pan Tilt Head with Dual Head Design (Included with HFMP KIT):
Unlike other photo/video heads included with monopod kits, this video head has tilt and pan functions, and has a dual head structure (flat base/65mm bowl), making this multi-functional head compatible with 65mm bowl/flat base tripods, monopods, sliders, skater dollies, and other equipment with 3/8 inch screws.

Industry standard Snap On/Off sliding plate (Included with HFMP KIT):
This one touch on/off sliding plate is compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, enabling quick onsite camera swaps without the need to change or remove sliding plates.

Dual size designed carrying bag Included:
Dual size travel bag to carry or store the monopod with or without the head, offering speedy travel and easy storage.

The HFMP and HFMP KIT is designed to bring Libec's professional quality to all filmmakers at a competitive price.

About Libec:
In 1989, Libec was launched as a global brand to offer professional camera support equipment with technological advances for the evolving image industry.

In 2006, Libec Sales of America was founded in Torrance California to handle ever-increasing demand for its products in the Americas. Subsequently, in 2007, Libec Technology Taiwan Co., Ltd., another wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, was founded in Taiwan to increase the manufacturing capacity outside headquarters in Japan.

Now, Libec has a wide range of camera support equipment including professional fluid heads, tripod and pedestals systems, a telescopic jib arm, an electronically-controlled remote head, remote controls, dollies, tracking rails, sliders, and more.

To satisfy customer demand, new products are continuously developed by covering a wide range of aspects such as product design, material research, and weight saving solutions to enhance functionality, operability, and durability.

We thank all of you who have helped make Libec what it is today, a one-stop shop and best value solution for quality camera support equipment. -The Libec team

Learn more about Libec HFMP and HFMP KIT hands-free monopod.

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  1. The ideas are interesting; I hope no one will leave any camera and lens on a single leg tripod, even just the thought gives me the foreshadow of disaster. #vancouverfilmaker

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