It’s Pretty Simple: The 8k RED Helium is Absolutely Incredible!

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I’m not a great public speaker. Enough so that when I was in college, and forced to deliver presentations, I looked up public speaking strategies.

One of the best tips I received was to start your presentation with a quote. Something that sums up your thesis and gives your audience instant context. So I’m doing that here, quoting DxOMark’s write-up about their testing of the 8k Red Helium’s sensor.

“The RED Helium 8K is the most impressive sensor we’ve ever tested.”

In the end, this is pretty simple because there’s just nothing complicated about discussing a camera sensor that is just so absolutely ahead of anything you’ve ever seen before. The 8k RED Helium sensor delivers a score 10 points higher than the closest DSLR and 7 points above its predecessor, the unbelievable RED Dragon. Well, the score the Helium received makes it more believe I suppose.

What’s so impressive about the Helium is that it’s not just better, it exceeds expectations on virtually every level. Low-light, Noise, color depth, resolution and dynamic range— all brand best benchmarks. In fact, it’s so good that it’s difficult to fully grasp what they’re doing to get such good results. In this write-up, David Cardinal discusses the Helium’s incredible low-light, comparing it to other style sensors.

Whether you were convinced about RED’s move to 8k or not, it’s a bit irrelevant now. It’s objectively a better sensor,almost straight down the board. RED has found a way to deliver not only the resolution that many of us thirst for, but also deliver the features and next generation processing that I consider the real path forward for manufacturers. Incredible, ground breaking stuff.

RED Helium 8K DxOMark Sensor Score: 108 — A new all-time-high score

Via DxOMark:

RED’s prototype Helium 8K sensor has shattered our previous top DxOMark sensor score. With a dramatic jump to 108, it leaps past the only other sensor to have broken the 100 barrier – RED’s own Epic Dragon prototype (101 points). RED has made a name for itself by producing high-performance cameras intended primarily for cinematographers, but their low noise and support for 16-bit RAW output make them worth evaluating as tools for capturing still images.

We first reviewed a prototype RED Dragon and were suitably impressed by the high score it achieved despite having a smaller-than-full-frame sensor. We’ve now tested a prototype of RED’s new Helium 8K, and it has earned the highest sensor score we’ve seen to date. It appears one time again that RED has a highly advanced sensor program.

As with the Dragon, the score is not included in our official ranking, as it is based on a prototype unit (which allows saving images as RAW), but it does give a good indication of the device’s capabilities.

RED Helium is a solid upgrade to the RED Epic Dragon
The Helium’s most obvious upgrade from the Dragon is 8K video capture. For example, the Weapon 8K uses the new Helium sensor and can capture 8K video at up to 75 fps (60 fps with RAW high resolution format). The less-expensive Epic W also incorporates the new sensor, and can capture 8K video at up to 30 fps.

Read full article at DxOMark “RED Helium 8K DxOMark Sensor Score: 108 — A new all-time-high score”

(cover photo credit: snap from DxOMark)


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