Intel Sets New Guinness World Records With a Fleet of 500 Drones

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500 drones flying at once! Crazy!

Now I note that they held the previous world record at 100 drones.

And all controlled by one person using just one laptop! Of course they're promoting their technology, but it is cool none the less.

I will note however, their video is slightly enhanced. I noticed the guy holding the cell phone is showing a CGI version of the image – probably because it was too hard to get the phone to look good while getting the background lit as well… but it is def. CGI.

500 Drones Light Night Sky to Set Record

From iQ by Intel:

Less than a year after setting the Guinness World Records title for 100 drones flying simultaneously, Intel engineers set a new world record with a fleet of 500 drones specifically designed for light shows.

The fall-colored sunset darkened above Krailling, Germany as thousands of tiny propellers began spinning in unison in a field. The steady hum of 500 drones, each fitted with an LED light, peaked as they instantaneously lifted into the air and danced together across the sky like synchronized fireflies. The fleet formed 3D shapes, spelled out recognizable words and painted the number 500 in the air.

Brought to life by 500 Intel Shooting Star drones controlled by one pilot using a laptop, the choreographed lightshow set a Guinness World Records title on October 7, 2016 for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously.

Intel's 500 Drone Light Show | Intel

From 100 to 500 Drones

The UAV light show system was designed by Intel and has FAA approval to fly in the USA.

Cheung was with the Intel team when it first set a Guinness World Records title in late 2015 with a 100 drone light show outside of Hamburg, Germany. A few months later, Intel demonstrated drone system in Palm Springs, California, showing that U.S. regulatory barriers would allow for such flights.

The first public performance – and the first time over water – of Drone 100 occurred during the summer 2016 Vivid Sydney event in Australia, accompanied live by the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

“Drone 100 was amazing, but having 500 drones in the same amount of airspace flying much closer together is breathtaking,” said Cheung.

Read full article at iQ by Intel “500 Drones Light Night Sky to Set Record”

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(cover photo credit: snap from iQ by Intel)


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