Advanced “Dark-Sky” Timelapse Photography Workshops Announced in Moab, Utah

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I’ve worked with Ron Risman and told you about his highly respected timelapse workshops before and now it is time to announce the 2017 editions… Intimate Astro Time-lapse Workshops in Arches & Canyonlands National Park

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Boston, MA — January 23, 2017 — announces that registration is now open for their annual “Dark-Sky Timelapse Photography Workshops” in Moab, Utah. Timelapse Moab is one of the only workshops in the U.S. that focuses on advanced time lapse photography & motion control time lapse, providing the skills needed to create breathtaking time lapses for licensing, television, and movies.

Moab, Utah is home to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, and is located just 90 minutes from Grand Junction, CO or a beautiful four hour drive from Salt Lake City. Workshop instructor Ron Risman chose this location due to the incredible red-rock landscape, dry desert weather, and extremely dark skies. The dates of this workshop also correspond to the new moon, allowing participants the ability to capture stunning Milky Way time-lapses using their digital SLR and an external intervalometer.

Those attending Timelapse Moab will learn

  • How to capture and produce flicker-free time-lapses
  • How to set up your dSLR to shoot time lapses
  • How to capture day to night time-lapses
  • How to capture dynamic HDR time-lapses
  • How to find focus and composition in the dark
  • How to location scout before arriving to a given destination
  • Why and when to “drag the shutter” when capturing time lapse
  • How to select the camera settings for your time lapse
  • How to alter the overall feel and pacing of your time-lapses
  • How to inexpensively light your foregrounds like a pro
  • Post Production: Learn Adobe Lightroom, LRTimelapse & More.
  • Post Production: Tips & Tricks to save a time-lapse
  • Post Production: Advanced ramping techniques using LRTimelapse
  • Using motion-control to take your time-lapses to the next level

Very Limited Seating
Timelapse Moab is limited to just 12 participants for each workshop. This allows us to provide a 6:1 teacher/student ratio for a more intimate workshop experience.

Each of our Moab workshops sell out well in advanced. Register today to guarantee a spot at our upcoming spring workshops.

Date: May 22-26th
3-Day & Night Advanced Timelapse Workshop

May 22nd: Arrive
May 23rd: Classroom and On-Location Shooting & Instruction
May 24th: Classroom and On-Location Shooting & Instruction
May 25th: Classroom and On-Location Shooting & Instruction
May 26th: Depart

Date: May 26-31st
4-Day & Night Advanced Motion Control Timelapse Workshop

May 26th: Arrive
May 27th: Classroom and On-Location Shooting & Instruction
May 28th: Classroom and On-Location Shooting & Instruction
May 29th: Classroom and On-Location Shooting & Instruction
May 30th: Depart

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About Timelapse Moab
Timelapse Moab was started in 2013 by time-lapse specialist and instructor Ron Risman as a way to teach advanced time lapse skills to photographers, cinematographers, and editors. The popularity of time-lapse photography has exploded over the past few years, both commercially and as an art form. This workshop teaches in just a few days what would normally takes months or years to learn and perfect.

Ron is also the owner of Cinematic Stories, an award-winning commercial and event production company that captures professional time lapse footage for the construction, television, and film industry. In the past few years Ron work has been used by FOX CT News, WFTV-9 Orlando, Liberty Mutual, Restoration Hardware, Berklee College, HBO, and Land Rover. Cinematic Stories has also been the recipient of two WEVA International Creative Excellence Awards. Ron is also the founder and editor of, a popular news and review website for photography & cinematography enthusiasts.

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