This Adapter Killed Jason Lanier’s Camera!

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No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes you’re unknowingly forced into that role. Such is the story for Jason Lanier, a very popular photography YouTuber, teacher and owner of a dead Sony a6300.

Jason Lanier was at one time a Nikon shooter and as such, had a variety of Nikon glass that he wanted to adapt to his Sony a7RII now that he’s made the Sony-Switch (patent pending). So when he heard about Fotodiox’s Nikon to Sony autofocus lens adapter, he was really excited to break out the old Nikon glass again. But things didn’t go as planned.

The Fotodiox didn’t perform as planned and ended up draining almost all of his batteries and somehow bricked his Sony a6300. You can watch the video here and see Lanier and his team slowly descend into frustrated laughs, and then after the death of his camera, serious anger.

While we still don’t know what happened with the Fotodiox adapter, we do have an update: They’re replacing his Sony a6300 and adapter. That being said, I find it difficult to believe that we would all receive a replacement camera if we didn’t have video documentation like Lanier had, or the ~140,000 Youtube subscribers.

Regardless, the idea that an adapter can ruin your camera isn’t a reality that many have faced previously and it’s a good reminder that sometimes simplicity in your camera system is good. That’s not to say that many will face issues like this, because they won’t. It’s also not to say that we should assume adapters are dangerous, because they’re clearly not. But issues like this lend credence to those shooters that would rather not adapt their lenses onto another body.

The Fotodiox Fusion Smart AF Nikon to Sony Adapter Ruined my Sony A6300 Camera

Via Jason Lanier's blog:

So last week the news came out that Fotodiox had a brand new adapter called the Fotodiox Fusion Smart AF Nikon to Sony Adapter with Full Automated Functions. I was less than convinced after watching the video that Fotodiox produced using the adapter because it didn't show any results. I was also a tad bit skeptical because the Fotodiox Canon to Sony adapter isn't as good as the Metabones….but after my followers asked me to give it a spin, I relented and took the plunge.

I went onto the Fotodiox website, paid full price, and paid extra for 2 day shipping so I could get a review done quickly. The adapter arrived yesterday and I was genuinely excited. I honestly thought it would be so cool to be the first one out there to test it and confirm to the Sony and Nikon world that this thing truly was amazing and worked.

Now to set expectations…..I NEVER expected it to work like native Sony glass. The Canon glass on the Metabones adapter hits about 85% of native glass performance which for me works out great. That was the bar I set for the Fotodiox. Can it perform like the Metabones performs? Being that they are so similarly priced, I think it's fair to ask for it to perform at the same level.

So I went down with my Assistant Brenda and another assistant named Quisha down to Oceanside to put this thing through a real world test.

Read full article at Jason Lanier's blog “The Fotodiox Fusion Smart AF sony to Nikon Adapter Ruined My Sony A6300 Camera”

(cover photo credit: snap from video)

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Bret Hoy

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  1. Hi everyone – We want to let you know that we are working directly with Jason and the Sony factory to determine exactly what happened with his camera. This is the first and only time we’ve heard of such an occurrence in over two years of testing our adapter with Sony users, so we’re determined to learn as much as we can. We’ll share our discoveries with you as soon as possible!

  2. And how he knows that Canon glass hits 85% performance? Does he has a mesuring tape for that?

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