The Sony a6500 Isn’t Perfect, But In The Hands Of A Pro The Footage Is Gorgeous

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    planetMitch note: We’re giving you two videos in one post – one from cinema5D and an extensive review of the A6500 from Hugh Brownstone!

    The Sony a6500 is what we’re assuming the final step (for now) of the Sony a6000, after the Sony a6300.

    Now why do I word it like that? Well, the a6300 was supposed to be a sizable upgrade from the Sony a6000, but Sony really messed up a few things. Namely, the rolling shutter and it overheated like crazy. So what did they do? Well, they made a pretty controversial decision to make a totally different camera. The Sony a6500. So let’s assume that it’s the best of the bunch until another comes along.

    So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at what that Sony a6500 can do—and what it can do is incredible.

    Cinema5d’s YouTube put out a short film that was shot with the Sony a6500, and while the subjects and film itself isn’t breathtaking, the footage looks incredible.

    When I was watching it, I was reminded about how incredibly lucky we are to live in times that give us access to such amazing filmmaking cameras at such incredible prices.

    The skin tones captured by the Sony a6500 are pretty amazing, except for the main interview angle in which he’s directly below an off-color light. But that’s not it. When watching in 4k, I’m taken aback, but the subtle sharpness the a6500 possesses.

    I’m a strong believer that over-sharpness is the death of plenty of images. It reminds you that you’re looking through the eyes of a camera.

    The Sony a6500, and the person that colored the film did a fantastic job at balancing that superb resolution with believable sharpness.

    Great work, with a great camera.

    Sony a6500 Review – Real World Video Samples and First Impressions

    Here's another Hands-On Review from Hugh Brownstone

    Sony a6500: an imperfect icon in the hands of a more imperfect human

    Pricing & availability: SEE FULL INDEX BELOW

    Sony held a shooting event down in Austin, Texas for a small number of bloggers and journalists, so I got to spend some time with the a6500. $1,400 gets you in-body image stabilization, touch auto focus and a couple of things more, but is it the right a6 series for you?

    00:00 First footage: Austin Rowing Club
    01:56 The original a6000: a budget masterpiece
    03:32 The a6500: an imperfect icon
    05:50 Rapid, real improvement
    07:35 What I learned in Austin
    10:38 A more imperfect human being
    11:32 First photos, second footage: Skate Boarder & BMX Park
    11:53 Why the a6500, and why now?
    13:48 Competition is growing fierce
    15:47 Inspired by just two lenses: the a6500 shines with non-stabilized lenses
    17:37 Eye-AF is great – when you have enough light
    18:23 Third footage, a photographic miss: Ian Moore's set
    18:47 Let's talk fast primes
    20:46 A new definition of speed: the shortest distance between intent and delivery
    25:13 Beyond lenses and ergos: why economizing on cameras is important
    25:51 Recommendations
    29:12 The dream
    30:32 I'm getting close to the 30 minute limit so…
    30:57 Final footage

    (cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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