Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter – A Must-Have Tool for Any Photographer

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Most photographers have the basic tools that they need to complete a job already in their bag.

This is because most start out shooting live events where you don’t often have the time to jump in and really develop a shot, or use tools other than what you have in your hand at that very moment. So it’s no surprise that most of us learn photography and videography without using Filters. Which is a real shame because they’re so incredibly important to the creation of beautiful, long-lasting images.

Why are they so important? Well, it depends on what’s being provided. When I was shooting my short film, “Acceptable Losses” recently, we used a Pro-Mist II filter because we wanted to counteract the sharpness of our Zeiss Super Speed Mark I’s and Red Dragon— but this is an aesthetic choice and a rare one at that.

What you’ll most likely encounter are times in which you’d need Neutral Density filters or Polarizers. Because most of us can’t really take the time to dial in the perfect amount of ND for each shot, there are Variable ND’s which allow you to alter the amount of light that’s let into your camera, on the fly.

Syrp, the company that’s brought us such crazy cool rigs like the Slingshot, is now releasing a, “Super Dark” Variable ND, and it looks pretty promising.

What I find unique about this filter specifically is the focus on the super dark range of ND. It only goes from 5-10 stops of ND, which I believe is an advantage in a lot of ways. It allows Syrp to focus their energies on getting the greatest image from that range, instead of trying to make 100% transparent glass all the way up to 10 stops of ND like some of the competition. And the images seem to corroborate that. They look tack sharp, with fantastic, cloudy sky colors.

While it takes a long time and some pixel-peeping to really get a grasp of what an individual filter offers, if it’s able to compete with competitor’s price points, Syrp could find some success in this industry. Including Step-Up rings with your initial purchase is a fantastic first step.

Would you be interested in purchasing this Variable ND?

Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter – DSLR Photography and Time-lapse Gear

Introducing the Syrp Super Dark Filter!

With 5-10 stops of adjustable exposure control, the Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter is a must-have tool for any photographer's gear bag and is available for pre-order from today, with a planned shipping date of the 15th of December. The Super Dark is available in two sizes and includes hard stops at the minimum and maximum ends for reducing X-pattern.

Long exposures are fundamental to landscape photography as they capture the effect of time passing, giving your images an expressive and often surreal look. They also add a creative element to your time lapses making them more fluid and giving them a dreamy effect.

Learn more and Pre-order your Super Dark here.

Landscape Photography


Long exposures are fundamental to landscape photography as they capture the effect of time passing, giving your images an expressive and often surreal look. Frozen waterfalls become flowing torrents, rough water turns into glassy lakes and people transform into motion blur.

Long Exposures


Long exposures capture an element that standard photography does not; Time. Shooting long exposures in the middle of the day requires the use of an ND filter to allow you to shoot slow shutter speeds in bright conditions.

Creative Photography


The Super Dark Variable ND Filter allows you to slower your shutter speed right down into seconds giving you the creative ability to transform movement into a silky smooth motion during daylight.

Time-Lapse Photography


Shooting time-lapse with fast shutter speeds causes the moving elements to flicker and stutter between frames, which can be distracting. Using a longer exposure time allows you to blur moving objects which helps to blend movement between frames. This adds a more natural look and feel to your time-lapses.

What's In The Box


Included in each Filter Kit is two step up rings to fit the Large 82mm or Small 67mm filter to smaller diameter lenses. The Large Filter includes 77mm & 72mm step up rings and the Small includes 58mm & 52mm step up rings.

Learn more and Pre-order your Super Dark here.

(cover photo credit: snap from Syrp)

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Bret Hoy

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