Sony Eye AF Might Help You Forget About Your Canon Autofocus Envy!

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If you shoot Sony, you’re probably pretty jealous of the new Canon Autofocus features. I am a Sony faithful, but when I watch those reviews and tech demos of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and the canon EOS 5D Mark IV, I can’t help but wish I had that kind of technology in my a7SII body.

I believe the best way to cope with this camera envy is to embrace what autofocus features I already have right now. Truth be told, the Autofocus in the most updated versions of the Sony Mirrorless bodies is actually pretty incredible— not mind-blowing like the Canon’s, but it’ll get the job done.

One of the more useful features is the Eye AF.

Miguel Quiles demonstrates how to use this powerful Autofocus feature in this demo created by and posted on the Adorama YouTube channel.

For photo, the application is fairly obvious. Maintaining critical focus on the subject’s eyes will usually result in a more powerful portrait. For video, the application might not be immediately salient, but perhaps just as powerful.

When shooting an interview, usually the videographer is looking for a decent amount of separation between the subject and the background. This guides the eye of the audience to where you’d like it to be – The subject. This can also be accomplished with light. However, part of that separation is having an aperture that is closer to wide open than not. This means that holding critical focus isn’t, “easy”.

Instead of asking your talent to stay still and risk making them nervous, why not employ Sony’s Eye AF. This means that your focus will always be trained on the Eye of your subject, who becomes free to rock back and forth as much as they like. It also lets you focus on other elements of your image. Powerful stuff.

Watch this demo and if you’re a Sony shooter, use this powerful technology (and try to forget your Autofocus envy)!

Sony Eye AF Basics: The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

Via YT description:

In this episode Miguel will walk you through one of the best features that Sony mirror-less cameras has to offer, the ability to find and focus directly on the eye for a portrait! You'll learn which cameras offer standard Eye Auto-focusing and which ones offer the ability to continuously track the eye in the frame.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Why is anybody faithfull to a brand? That means you’ve bought the marketing BS. The best product always wins which is why over the years I’ve used virtually every major video, stills, film and digital cinema brand. The only real reason to stick to a brand is if you’ve made a big investment in accessories.

  2. No one has any problems getting focus for portraits so it’s kinda, so what!

  3. Eye AF doesn’t work when shooting video unfortunately. You can either enable face detect with wide AF or set the cam up for center point lock-on AF and manually lock on to the face for an interview. I can’t think of a good reason why Sony simply can’t include eye AF into face detect as Panasonic and others do but it doesn’t.

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