ProMediaGear Introduces Quick, Secure, Adaptable Camera Shoulder Strap

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We’d like to welcome ProMediaGear as a new sponsor of planet5D by announcing their new kickstarter project for a new camera strap.

Now I can hear some of you saying “not another camera strap!” – but i’m intrigued by this one frankly.

I’ve given up using a strap but I do use the Peak Design Clutch hand grip for photography. I’ve stopped using straps because they often get in the way when I’m trying to take photos.

But that’s what makes this one from PMG very attractive! It has a quick release that lets you do what you need to do and use the strap when you want the strap.

So if that’s something that bothers you too, check this out!

PMG Strap, Quick, Secure, Adaptable Camera Shoulder Strap

Via Kickstarter:

ProMediaGear announces Quick-Release Shoulder Strap, version 2. The new and improved Shoulder Strap System draws on experiences gained in last six years of designing camera equipment. It introduces new options and system compatibility with straps from other vendors.

Old vs NEW version

Old vs NEW version

The Plug works on the same principle as a Quick Release hose fitting. A cylinder inside the plug pushes steel balls out, expanding inside a hardened steel fitting (hardened steel is incredibly rigid). Once expanded it's impossible to remove the plug, unless the spring loaded release button is pressed. To prevent accidental release, the button is flush with the casing, and access to it is protected by the strap loop on top.

To engage the strap, insert the plug into the female insert inside the bracket plate while pushing the button, then release the button. As the bearing balls expand, the system will be positively locked. Give it a quick tug to confirm a positive lock. To remove simply press the button and pull the plug out.

Comfortable, Secure, Adaptable Shoulder Strap System

Comfortable, Secure, Adaptable Shoulder Strap System

Below are the rewards in this Kickstarter Project.

SS2 system breakdown

SS2 system breakdown

To have a functioning system, you need to select a combination of one of the two plates and one of the four plugs, at minimum. We also offer two kits that include one of the plates and standard plug (SSP1) and our strap.

If you already own a strap that you like, but would like to upgrade to our new QR system, you'll need, a compatible camera plate and one of the plugs.

Learn more about ProMediaGear Quick-Release Shoulder Strap at their Kickstarter page.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)


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