Libec Launches TH-X – The NEW High-Spec Entry Level Tripod System

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Our friends over at Libec have launched something they’re proud of… their new ‘high-spec entry level tripod system’

They say it will be lower cost than other tripods in this area, light and customizable.

It will be available soon and will be priced at $239!

Libec has proudly launched the TH-X, the new high-spec entry level tripod system!

Via Libec:

The Libec TH-X is your next Smart Tripod Companion for all your photo/video/DSLR projects including home videos, documentaries, corporate assignments, weddings & events, nature, sports and journalist newsgathering. It is lightweight, rigid, and high quality.

New Model:TH-X

The TH-X is Libec's new high-spec entry level tripod system. It is lightweight, rigid, and high quality.

Rather than a simple successor of the TH-650HD, the TH-X is an evolved tripod system on a whole new level.


Advanced Features

Dual Head structure
65mm bowl/flat base design head with 3/8″ screw hole for versatility.
Compatible with photo tripods, sliders, and lots of other equipment with a flat base and 3/8″ screws.


Snap ON/OFF plate
One touch attachment & quick release plate, compatible with Sachtler and Manfrotto heads.

*Note: this quick release plate is not compatible with LIBEC ALLEX, RS, or other libec heads.


Improved tripod legs
Newly designed tripod legs with greater rigidity and payload capacity.

200g/.44lbs lighter than TH-650HD, formally the lightest tripod system in the Libec tripod system lineup.

Libec pan handle rosettes/threads
Two rosettes on the head allow additional Libec pan handles and AS-7K accessory support arm.

Newly designed carrying case
Padded carrying case with shoulder strap and side pockets for greater usability.

Accessories for TH-X


Learn more about Libec TH-X.

(cover photo credit: snap from Libec )


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