Jukedeck: The Artificially Intelligent Music Composer That Revolutionized the Way People and Companies Make and Consume Music

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Topics not talked about as much as they need to be… one of them is doing the right thing and using licensed music. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people post about how their video was ‘stolen' without credit or pirated, yet if you look at some of their work, they've posted videos with popular music you know was not properly licensed. 

So, in this world of pirating and not paying for things because ‘everyone else is doing it' – I present a company that is attempting to do something about it by making one of the things that I think is about the hardest thing to do, picking great music for your project.

This is JukeDeck!

A site that generates music for you on the fly! Specify the genre, the length, instruments, tempo, and other options and get a new track just for you.

They also have pre-made tracks you can listen to and use of course.

Have a read about how they've progressed in the first year below and CHECK THEM OUT! Very cool!

Here's a grab from their site where you can create a song:


A year on from winning TechCrunch Disrupt

A year ago, we won TechCrunch Disrupt in London, launching our site — a site that lets video creators make unique music for their videos using AI — on stage

Lots has happened since then. Here are some highlights:

  • People have made nearly 1 million tracks on our site (which makes Jukedeck MAKE one of the largest libraries of music in the world)
  • Tens of thousands of YouTube videos have used our music, from cat videos to massive YouTube stars
  • Brands like Coca Cola have used Jukedeck for their music
  • We won a Cannes Innovation Lion
  • We’ve stepped up our R&D efforts, recently announcing that we’ve created the first song composed and produced entirely by neural networks

It’s great to be back on stage at Disrupt. To mark the occasion, we made a video that pays tribute to tech pioneers everywhere. Enjoy!

A musical history of the internet


Jukedeck, the London-based tech startup which has built software that composes music using artificial intelligence, has launched its first product. Jukedeck MAKE is a site for video creators to make unique, tailored music for their videos. The company has also closed a £2M round of funding, led by Cambridge Innovation Capital.

Founded by Ed Rex, a Cambridge University music graduate and published composer, Jukedeck operated under the radar for its first couple of years as Rex set about learning to code and building the basis of an algorithm that generates the music. Patrick Stobbs, a classmate from Cambridge, joined and they raised a seed round of funding in July 2014, built a team of experts in machine learning, music composition and audio production, and are now ready to launch their first product..

Jukedeck MAKE is a tool that lets video creators make the music they want in an instant. Users can come to the site, choose a style of music, and are presented with a completely unique soundtrack. They can even choose how long the track is, so that it’s just the right length for their video – and there are more features coming soon that are going to make it easier than ever to get the perfect soundtrack.


“If you’re making a video, the process of sourcing and editing music is broken,” says Rex. “Searching through stock audio libraries takes hours, it’s expensive and the copyright and royalty restrictions are confusing. Our goal is to fix that. We want to give video creators a tool that lets them make the music they want in an instant. We want to make getting the right music as quick and as easy as possible.”

Their target is the large and growing online video market, dominated by YouTube but also including broadcasters and new platforms such as Instagram and Twitch. “The video industry is growing rapidly, and it needs a lot of music”, says Stobbs. “Our technology allows every creator to make unique soundtracks – and they’re all completely royalty-free”.

Current users include Google Developers and The Natural History Museum, and videos using their music have generated over 16 million views on YouTube. With free music available to early sign-ups, they hope that the customer base will grow quickly.

Learn more at Jukedeck.


Here's an interesting bit from the press release they sent me a year ago (and I neglected in my inbox for almost a year sadly!)… it is an interesting bit of history:

  • Story
  • Jukedeck was founded by Ed Rex, a published composer with a double-starred First degree in Music from Cambridge University.
  • Visiting his girlfriend at Harvard University in 2010, he attended a Computer Science lecture for the first time, and decided to try to teach a computer how to write music. He raised initial funding from Cambridge University in 2012, taught himself how to code, and built a prototype – a piece of software that could write and perform music all on its own.

  • Patrick Stobbs, who had been working at Google for 3 years, joined as COO to help commercialise the technology. Ed had met Patrick at the age of 8, when they had sung together in the Choir of King’s College Cambridge as choristers – and they were later undergraduates together at Cambridge University.

  • In July 2014 a seed round of £500,000 was raised from Cambridge University and Cambridge Innovation Capital.

  • In December 2014 Jukedeck won the LeWeb Startup Competition, in April 2015 we won [email protected] – a competition organised and hosted by HRH The Duke of York, and in August 2015 we were named as one of WIRED’s 100 Hottest European Startups.

  • Now a team of 13, we launched Jukedeck MAKE live on stage in the final of the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield competition in December 2015. Jukedeck won the competition.


Ed and Patrick (co-founders)

(cover photo credit: snap from Jukedeck)

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