Hedge Connect – the Brilliant iOS Companion App to Hedge – A Must Have Tool In Every Photo/Video/Sound Image Maker’s Arsenal

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We told you about Hedge back when it launched, and we’ve continued to use and monitor the growth of this awesome tool – and I know it is something that every filmmaker or photographer or DIT or even you sound guys should have in their arsenal.

Hedge, if you don’t know, is a MacOS tool that manages your image/video/audio file offloading while giving you many options – including one of the most amazing features, copying your data to multiple destinations simultaneously! This is brilliant when you’re on set or at the end of the day when you’re offloading your cards and you (of course you do backups right?!) are needing to put your materials in multiple locations and want to do it quickly and safely. Hedge is brilliant if you ask me!

If you’re still not sure you understand why you need it, go to the Hedge main page and watch the 30 second demo and it will become obvious why you need it!

They’ve just added an iOS app called Hedge Connect that makes working on set a bit less stressful because it monitors your Hedge file copies in real time and lets you know when they’re complete – letting you walk away from the computer and accomplish other work on set with the comfort of knowing you can see when the process is successful without hovering over the computer.

I’ve just tested this $10 app and it is easy to set up and the ability to get notifications of status is brilliant – they’ve really had a great idea here. The app is simple and elegant with room to grow. For anyone doing photo/video/audio offloading (which is each and every one of you who reads this site!), Hedge and now Hedge Connect are some tools you need in your arsenal. Have a look at the info below to see the samples of notifications – both of success and failure.

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You can imagine the time savings if you’ve ever needed to start a card offload and then walk away only to find out 30 minutes later that you goofed and for some reason the copy failed and you have to waste another 30 minutes getting your data secured.

Hedge Connect can save your butt!

I can just hear some photographers/filmmakers saying you don’t have a need for Hedge, but I’ll bet you do. “When I get home, I just use Lightroom/Premiere/FCPX and import!” you say. But I also know that many of you out in the field (or even at home) not only copy to one backup, but two or three. And right now, using the finder, you have to do the copy 2/3 times to get it to each different device. Hedge will do it in one fell swoop AND it will do it safely.

Introducing Hedge Connect


Hedge Connect By The Sync Factory:

Hedge Connect is the companion app to Hedge. It runs on your smartphone or tablet, telling you if and why you’re needed back at the Mac. You receive real time notifications when a transfer has finished successfully, or when something is amiss.

Getting connected
Hedge Connect creates a secure connection with Hedge on your Mac. Setting it up is easy: just open Hedge’s preference pane for Connect. There you’ll find a unique access code.


Next, open Hedge Connect and enter your code. That’s all


There’s no need for reconnecting in case of connectivity loss. Hedge and its Connect counterparts will find each other whenever one comes online, automagically.

You probably got better things to do than watching footage being backed up. Whether you’re a DP, DIT, AC or Data Handler, Hedge Connect keeps you updated about your running transfers. Don’t get surprised by a halted transfer that just cost you half an hour. You’re no longer being forced to stay near your offloading station to keep your card readers busy.


Get your crew on the same page, even the whole Camera Department if you like. Simply connect your iPhone or iPad to WiFi or 4G, open Hedges Preferences to get a code and connect. There’s no limit on the amount of connected devices.

Hedge Connect is available in the App Store for $9.99.

Learn more about Hedge Connect.

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  1. Hey Mitch, hope all is well. I just read through your article about Hedge for Mac and I’m convinced. I just ordered the 2016 Macbook Pro fully specced, and haven’t used a mac since they left the powerpc architecture (Power G4?). I wanted to get the best and easiest apps for mac that most filmmakers and photographers recommend and Hedge looks like it would be perfect for offloading my footage (which I hate just clicking and dragging seems so stone age to me without any sort of automated redundancy). I have one question though, I’m interested in the pro version but it seems the only thing it has to offer is that the free version doesn’t have is simultaneous transfers and NAS compatibility and logging? Is there any other key differences you know of and is it def worth the price? Now with this new app (which I love programs that also have some sort of mobile companion to them like Filmstro or Adobe’s lineup) for iPhone do you feel it’ll help speed up workflow?

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