GoPro Karma? GoPro Declares War on Small Businesses

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Here at planet5D, we’ve always tried to help out the little guys – the small businesses trying to make their way and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, the big fish usually eat the little fish (or kill them just for fun).

I stumbled into this video that Devin Graham posted when researching another story – and it really saddens me to see GoPro suing a tiny family owned business (GoScope) because they used the word “Go” in their name!


What kind of karma is that bringing to your company GoPro?

We all know GoPro is struggling financially (their stock price has dropped like 90% and I don’t wish that on anyone!) but to go after a small business that is providing accessories to people who buy GoPro cameras doesn’t make much sense to me – unless your goal is to just shut them down so you are the only distributor of accessories.

The little guys can’t afford to fight back really. It costs a LOT of money for lawyers and goPro doesn’t seem to mind spending money on them either.

What do you think? Is this fair?

P.S. Tho Devin seems to think that the goPro CEO isn’t aware, my suspicion is that maybe he does… what about you?

GoPro Declares War

Via YT Description:

Our friends at GoScope (A small company who makes GoPro and camera accessories) were recently told by GoPro to change their name and all their product molds, due to the embedded name brand, or they would be taken to court. GoScope cannot afford the legal fees to even begin the legal process nor cannot afford to change their branding along with their molds. All of this would put them out of business. It is not right for large corporations to go after small businesses.
Help us in the fight for the Under Dogs!

*If you know any way to contact GoPro or to reach their CEO Nick Woodman and let them know about this, it would help out GoScope a lot!
Thank you for all of your support! :)

Here's Go-Scopes website for all those that have asked:

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  1. I get that you are passionate about this, but it would help for you to stay focused even to the point of scripting this. It meanders yet has a great msg.

  2. Yeah, at NAB2016 I was trying to get some “donated” cameras for a 360 job that would only be like two full days of shooting and they were like no-way or more like go-away or I mean go-pay. I know peeps who got free/sponsored Gopros for doing some mundane docu-content, so I figured this was a national chain exploring some ideas for their yearly event, why not? Well they said it would be cool if they would do it and they could give me a deal at 100k. They were also happy with me producing the shoot and the deal there was only like 6k per omni unit, you know MSRP. Of course I was like thanks for the great offers and I’ll get back to you.

    So since then, I’ve seen Nick W on the Shark Tank, I watched their stock tank, a failed attempt at a stock buyback, drones falling from the sky, a gimbal that’s way to expensive, camera cloud tech which everyone is just using their iphone for, cameras embedded in hats? and now threatening little companies that happen to have the name go in it?

    What about Pokemon Go? That’s some sweet loot there, If you rearrange the letters it almost spells Gopro.

    Goprokemon close enough, better sue them.

  3. What about the word: Pro, on their product, is a misleading advertising, as their products don’t have anything you can call in some manners “Pro”.
    After providing, to the entire world, enough reasons to stay away of their crappy products, this middle age “black-hole” company offer us the ultimate “do not buy me” Christmas package.

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