GearEye: The Simplest and Best Solution To A Problem That EVERY Photographer Has Faced!

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Perhaps the most obnoxious part about going on a shoot is having to keep track of every little piece of gear that you have.

Organization pre and post-shoot is not something that many (most) creative are accustomed to, or suited for. It is just not how we operate. So how do we solve the problem? With innovation and sweet technology!

Thus enters the GearEye – The Ultimate Gear Management System. An incredibly simple solution to a problem that’s plagued the photography and cinematography community for years—and the cornerstones of the system are an RFID system that don’t require charging, and utilizes the thing that you have with you nearly 24/7. Your smart phone.

While this idea has been tried before, there hasn’t been many products that are as responsive as the GearEye as demonstrated in their technology demonstration on their highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

At this point, I can’t see many questions surrounding the product, especially at that price point. The GearEye is perhaps the cheapest and smartest solution to the problem. Of course, you’re always going to want a product that will guide you via GPS to your lost gear, but hopefully with the GearEye you won’t have lost it in the first place.

Get your GearEye and all of the RFID tags you’ll ever need from their Kickstarter campaign, and before they can raise their prices! What a cool product.

GearEye – The Ultimate Gear Management System

Via Kickstarter:

What Is GearEye?

GearEye is a smart gear management system for on-the-go professionals. It enables you to manage your equipment through thick and thin: organization, tracking, and making sure you always have everything you need whether at home or on the job. GearEye is a game-changer for anything from the smallest messenger bag to the largest camera suitcase.

The bond between professionals and their work equipment is special: anyone who’s experienced this can tell you that there are few things worse than losing your essential gear. We’ve been there too, and that’s why we created a system to put an end to this problem. Simply place the RFID GearTag on your gear, and voilá! Everything in your bag can now be easily accounted for, with a simple tap on your smartphone.

GearEye is more than just a safety net: it enables you to organize your most important equipment into gig specific groups – so that you always have exactly what you need when you need it. This way, you can quickly and easily make sure you have what you need for today’s studio session (not last week’s beach shoot).


How It Works


GearEye tracks your gear and lets you know if something that should be there- isn't there. If something is missing it helps you locate it within it's range- ensuring you don't have to keep replacing equipment. Or, as Roei explains it: “I was sick of losing my gear, and didn’t want to spend $25 to track every single piece of gear I had separately”.

GearEye uses tiny, inexpensive, battery-free RFID adhesive GearTags as tracking devices for your gear. The GearTags use a powerful adhesive and are easy to apply on almost every surface, so that you can tag all your equipment. The GearEye app also provides additional functionalities, such as customized lists for any specific work project, so that you’re always prepared for any job.

Learn more about GearEye at their Kickstarter Campaign page.

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