FREE WORK? You Gotta See This Handy Tool to Help You Say “No” to Free and Low-budget Work

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When I found this the other day looking for dailyPlanet5D news, I just had to share this!

It is so helpful.

We all get requests to do work for free or for “experience” or to have something to “put on your resume/reel” but we often don’t know how to politely turn them down and educate at the same time.

After all, you wouldn’t ask your plumber to work for free would you?

And with a few short clicks answering a couple of questions, you have a great little letter you can customize and then share with potential freeloaders clients.

Handy tool helps you say no to work for ‘exposure'

Via DPReview:

Graphic designer Jessica Hische has developed a tool to help creatives respond to requests for work. Made with designers in mind, photographers who are frequently asked to work ‘for exposure' or very little pay might find it appealing too. The choose-your-own-adventure style tool helps you build a letter based on the client and the proposed budget – none, very low or good. It will also help you negotiate other tricky situations like an ambiguous timeline or very quick turnaround.


Read this article at DPReview “Handy tool helps you say no to work for ‘exposure'”

Via: Fast Company, Source: Jessica Hische

Jessica’s Client Email Helper


Negotiating incoming project terms over email is difficult for even the well-seasoned professional. I’ve created this handy tool to help you say “no” to free and low-budget work and to help ask for more favorable contract terms before the start of a project. I tried to make it as comprehensive and flexible as possible, but every creative industry is a bit different so feel free to adapt my words to best suit your personal situation.


Check out Jessica’s Client Email Helper HERE.

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