Can A Drone Lift a Man? Casey Neistat Proves It Is Possible Flying Over Buildings In A Single Bound

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I didn't think it was possible (or maybe even safe), but Casey Neistat has proved it can be done thanks to Samsung of course.

What does Samsung have to do with drones? Well, they wanted a viral video advertisement so they hired Casey who has a huge following.

It turns out Casey's been working on creating this project for about a year (according to the behind-the-scenes) and I was initially thinking it was faked somehow but after watching the behind-the-scenes, i'm convinced they're just crazy.

It was shot in Finland – why? My guess is they were afraid they'd be shut down in the USA LOL. They were flying pretty close to some people and safety would be my first concern.

We also find out in the behind-the-scenes that there isn't a lot of daylight where they filmed in Finland so much of the footage is a bit dark.

Of course, this isn't commercially available but it was cool eh?


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  1. No helmet on that skier?

    Where I come from we call themL “organ donors!”

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