VSCO Opens a Free-to-Use Giant Photo Studio in NYC – Yup, I Said FREE! Sign Me Up!

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Ok, I confess this has been sitting in my unwritten queue for a while but I think it is significant none the less – if you’re a photographer in NYC and always wanted some studio space to shoot something.

It is intriguing because I’ve not seen anything like this before – maybe you have and i’m just behind the times?

I’m aware of a lot of ‘freemium’ software – stuff where they give you use of the tool for basic functionality hoping you’ll either upgrade or tell friends about it etc. But I’ve not seen it done in something physical like this and I think it is awesome!

I mean really… if you were a photographer or wanting some basic studio for filming maybe, and you never considered shooting in a studio because it costs money and well, who’s got a lot of that? This would be a great opportunity… and maybe a good idea for other studios around the country to try.

VSCO Opens a Free-to-Use Giant Photo Studio in NYC


Via PetaPixel:

VSCO today announced the launch of its new Open Studio, a free-to-use massive studio space in New York City.

The studio is located in VSCO’s office space in NYC’s NoMad district.

“Open Studio was born out of our desire to support the creative endeavors of our community — not only on the VSCO platform, but also in real life,” VSCO says. “We designed our office in NYC’s NoMad district to be both a work space and a blank canvas, enabling any project to be brought to life.”

The studio includes a permanent cyclorama wall for infinity background photos and some basic lighting equipment that can be borrowed for shoots if needed.

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