The Tascam DR-10L Is A Jump Into A Whole New Direction For Tascam

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The reasonable price of audio gear (generally speaking, that is) allows us to have multiple options in our bags for every shoot.

This gives the shooter the responsibility of choosing what kind of set up that you want to use— a responsibility many don’t take too seriously. So, what kind of questions should you be asking when buying audio equipment? It all comes down to application.

When shooting interviews, do you find yourself shooting multiple in one location or having to change your set up often? Do you capture man on the street type footage? Or are you a vlogger who does a lot of their work in a studio or similar, very controlled environment?

The Tascam DR-10L is a lavalier pack, that records internally. Depending on the type of work you do, it might be a godsend. Its incredibly long battery power is great for pretty much anyone, but it takes some stress out of the equation. That is, you won’t be wondering, “Did it turnoff?” all the time.

And you might be wondering what features Tascam’s added to further ease your concerned mind; The DR-10L records audio at two different levels, meaning that if one track is too hot, even with the Tascam’s internal limiter, you have a back up. That’s huge.

There are some obvious ways that Tascam needs to improve the DR-10L, but for a first foray into the realm previously occupied by shooters co-opting the Zoom H1, it looks really solid. Do you find yourself in situations where the Tascam DR-10L would be useful?

The Tascam DR-10L starts at a very reasonable $169.99 and is shipping now.

Tascam are Changing the Way We Record Lavalier Microphones With Their new DR-10L Belt Recorder

Via DIYPhotography:

Wireless lavalier microphones have been a standard in the film & tv industries for years. They’re great for picking up sound while staying hidden from the shot. They’re also very useful for moving subjects where following them with a boomed microphone may be impossible. As more and more wireless devices enter our daily lives, however, issues can start to appear.


Interference, signal drop outs, and other problems can happen in densely populated areas. There’s also the problem of knowing whether the radio frequencies of the microphones you’re about to use are even legal in the location at which you’re using them. Tascam has presented us with a very elegant solution to these problems with the new Tascam DR-10L belt mounted lavalier recorder.

The issues of wireless aren’t going to affect many who are shooting in low population areas with little interference. I have a pair of wireless lav mics that I use for recording videos, which happens mostly outdoors and away from towns and cities. The Tascam DR-10L does offer other advantages, though.


When I record myself using a lav mic, I have the mic clipped or taped to my chest going to a belt pack transmitter. The matching receiver resides in my bag connected to a Tascam DR-100 recorder.

Whenever I want to record, I have to turn on the transmitter, turn on the receiver, turn on the Tascam DR-100 field recorder, make sure it’s picking up sound, then hit record and go to where I need to be to start shooting.

When I’m done I have to go back to my bag, stop recording, turn off the DR-100, turn off the receiver and turn off the transmitter.

This isn’t exactly the speediest of workflows. Removing the receiver and field recorder from the equation means that you’re wasting a lot less time when shooting by yourself. I can just start and stop the sound from the little DR-10L box on my belt.

Read full article at DIYPhotography “Tascam are Changing the Way We Record Lavalier Microphones With Their new DR-10L Belt Recorder”

Tascam DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Mic


Via B&H:


  • Mono Digital Recorder with Lavalier Mic
  • Records 24-Bit/48 kHz BWAV File Format
  • Up to 32GB on microSD or microSDHC Card
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