The MustHD 7” Field Monitor Is A Pretty Sweet Bargain

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The hot commodity nowadays seems to be external monitor/recorders, and if you’ve attended any sort of media show, you know the big name – Atomos.

Emblazoned upon the walls of NAB at every turn, they want to sell you a Shogun, Flame or Assassin. And why not? Most cameras offer some sort of external recording option- so why not take advantage?

For a lot of us, it comes down to a cost/benefit situation. If I’m going to spend $1500+ on a monitor/recorder to record my 4k or 10bit footage, shouldn’t I have a hell of a lot of use for a 4k or high bitrate image? Well, many out there don’t. The other situation is, what if you’re shooting with a Sony a7S II? You’ve already got your 4k internally and you’re not benefiting from a higher quality output signal. So why not just skip the recording aspect and go straight for the monitor?

There are also plenty of those options on the market as well. We’ve talked about a lot of them here. The Aputure’s and SmallHD’s of the world have done a good job putting out monitors that don’t leave a lot to be desired. Yet, they’re still a bit too expensive for some shooters out there. That’s where the MustHD 7’’ 1920×1200 Field Monitor wants to meet you halfway.

As the name, “MustHD” suggests, they’re working to compete heavily with SmallHD and other monitor manufacturers. The 7’’ version they’ve created seems to hit all of the bases for most videographers out there with perhaps one exception. It has a variety of professional features like focus peaking, Histogram and False Colors as well as being incredibly bright with a fantastic 1100:1 Contrast ratio.

But in reality, what’s going to be the draw of the MustHD 7’’monitor is going to be the price in combination with those features. It’s starting at $399.99 through their website. A price that seems to be pretty fantastic considering what you’re getting. While the size in conjunction with the bulky power options you’re going to be stuck with might get obnoxious, the MustHD 7’’ HD monitor might be worth a gander.

MustHD 7″ 1920×1200 Full HD HDMI On-camera Field Monitor for Professional Videographers

Via MustHD:

Major Features:

  • 1920 x 1200 FullHD 7″ IPS Panel
  • HDMI Input/Loop-through, Composite input
  • Luminance of 450cd/m² (450 nits)
  • Focus Assist / Peaking Color RGB
  • False Color for Under/Over Luminance Warning
  • Histogram and Zebra
  • Pixel-to-Pixel
  • Zoom (from 10-90%)
  • R/G/B/Gray-only display
  • H/V Mirror
  • 3 Button Programmable Wired Remote
  • Four 1/4”-20 Thread Mounting Holes
  • Speaker & Headphone Output
  • Tally


MustHD M702H is a professional grade field monitor with HDMI input and loop-through support. The 7″ 1920 x 1200 pixel IPS screen combined with 450 cd/m² (450 nits) brightness and a 1100:1 contrast ratio provide a crisp image clear image. The 178° horizontal and 178° vertical viewing angles make it easy to see even at an angle helping to insure accurate video capture.

Multiple Input/Output Options


The HDMI input/loop-through support a camera signal of up to 1080p@60fps for excellent capture flexibility.


Detachable Folding Sun-hood

Its detachable folding sun-hood helps when shooting in bright locations and also protects the screen in transit.


Multiple Power Supply Options

The M702H can be powered on battery or DC 12V power adapter. It is compatible with Sony F970/Canon LP-E6/Panasonic D28S/V/A mount batteries via battery plates. The standard battery plate is Sony F970 battery plate. If you need others plates, please select them from the option list.


The advanced software features and multiple input/output options make it the perfect monitor for a professional videographer that does not require 3G-SDI.

Learn more about MustHD M702H.

(cover photo credit: snap from MustHD)

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Mainly focused on documentary and experimental film, he has produced, directed, shot and edited many short films and a few long form works.

He shoots a lot and often.
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  1. It looks like there may be a typo in your text – the website linked in the text is listing this at $399, not $299.

  2. For several years I’ve been using a Lilliput 7″ field monitor I bought from Amazon for around $100. I honestly expected it to serve as a disposable experiment, but it has served me incredibly well. It has false colors, zebra, focus assist, histogram, hdmi in/out, r/g/b/gray only, audio out, speaker, etc. In fact, looking at the specs for the monitor above, I’m wondering if it’s just a rebrand of the monitor I have under the Lillput name. I still can’t believe how well it’s served me for only around $100.

  3. To expensive, for not LUT enabled field monitor compared to other competitors brand.
    Color accuracy on filed monitor is useless if you can’t apply your own LUT.
    The specs are in common with others
    cheap monitors on the market and you can get on of those at <200$, for 1920×1200, pixel to pixel with minimal exposure and focus aid, and they give great quality/price ratio.
    Otherwise save you money and buy a serious 7" PRO monitor with SDI, real 4k input support and magnifying, and LUT 3D more expensive but much more long time life.
    Honestly spend 399$ for a nearly outdated device is a bad idea.

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