MōVI Pro: The Most Advanced Camera Movement System Ever Created

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The filmmaking world changed radically 3 years ago when the MōVI was introduced. It attempted one of the most troubling problems – getting stable footage with a small and somewhat light device without needing to wear an expensive rig.

It spawned a whole new environment for filmmakers and for gear manufacturers.

While the original MōVI was wildly popular, of course as with any first generation device, there were things that didn’t work well. So, the team at FreeFly has been working for the past year on solving many of the problems and have just announced the MōVI Pro.

Gone are the handlebars and in is a ring that surrounds the rig. A very awesome addition is that the ring has feet so you can put the rig down without needing a stand.

It also features hot swap batteries so you can shoot all day without ever turning the rig off! Plus, it only takes 2 seconds to boot.

Introducing MōVI Pro

A little over 3 years ago Freefly released the original MōVI. It was the first digital handheld stabilizer, and changed the way films are created.

3 years and thousands of shots later, the team at Freefly is unleashing the MōVI Pro. We believe it's the most versatile, adaptable, and high performance camera movement system ever created.

We’ve stripped everything down to basics, analyzed the problem statement from first principles, and then tried to solve it with the fewest number of parts.

We can't wait to see what you will create with MōVI Pro

MōVI Pro

Via Freefly Systems:



MōVI Pro Features


  • Hot Swap Batteries
  • Power Camera and Accessories
  • Intelligent Batteries
  • Screen/Power Indicator
  • Power and Control


  • 180 Degree Roll
  • Toad in the Hole quick release system
  • Lightweight, portable system that is the heart of a filmmaking ecosystem.


  • MIMIC –  long range bidirectional control
  • Tilt Stage Unit
  • MōVI Pro App
  • High performance processors and tuning algorithms


  • Internal Wiring
  • ~2 second boot time
  • Stability Improvements
  • Built-In Stand

Learn more about MōVI Pro

(cover photo credit: snap from Freefly Systems)

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