How to Smooth Out That Nasty Staccato in Your Timelapse Footage

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If you don’t know Preston Kanak, you should have a look at some of the knowledge he shares – it is all outstanding!

I found this tutorial he shared back in October and put it on the list to share with y’all as I think it is indicative of his willingness to share and help others.

He goes into great detail on ways you can fix timelapse footage where you’ve gotten a staccato effect which mainly comes from short shutter speeds. His first sample shows the issue – and that’s when you see people walking but yet they seem to jump in each frame. Of course we all have plenty of other examples and some we probably trashed (or thought about trashing) and Preston shows ways you can make your footage more pleasing.

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How to Smooth Out Your Timelapse Footage

From the video:

Finding ways to improve the way in which I work with my timelapse footage as well as ways to create unique looks is a huge passion of mine. Whether through refining the look and feel or total experimentation, this desire definitely keeps me on my toes. This video walks through three methods of smoothing out your timelapse footage while removing the staccato effect.

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