Get Ready for Black Friday Sale at DitoGear!

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Our friends at DitoGear are planning some cool high speed accessories for 2017 and are teasing their introduction with the info and videos below.

But they’re also doing a Black Friday Sale!

We’ll be able to give you more details on these products next week when the full info comes out, but hopefully these teasers will get you excited.

DitoGear is always on the bleeding edge of filmmaking accessories and these are no exception. My first thought when hearing about the Trinity was… “why don’t you just spin the table instead of the camera” – and then the “d’oh” moment happened when I watched the video and thought… well yea, the water, the M&Ms, and the cereal bowls would go flying off the table if it were spinning silly planetMitch!

And the Morpheus is the first high speed slider I’ve seen. Someone please educate me if there are others.

Again, we’ll have more info coming next week so keep an eye on planet5D!

DitoGear™ High-Speed Motion Control – Test Footage

DitoGear Black Friday Special + High Speed Gear Introduction

Via DitoGear:

Get ready for Black Friday Sale at DitoGear Store! This year great discounts on all our products and bundles starts on Friday, November 25th and will last till Monday, Novemeber 28th. All information on Black Friday discounts will be revealed on Thursday, Novemeber 24th.

We are also excited to introduce two new products:

  • DitoGear™ Trinity – high speed arm
  • DitoGear™Morpheus – high speed slider



On Black Friday we will start taking Pre Orders. Introductory Price is going to be 30% discounted.

They can be purchased and used separately or in a combo. They are affordable alternative to high end similar systems. The best advantage, beside high speed, is an option to connect external triggers. The system will let users to plan, synchronize and repeat shots.

DitoGear™ Trinity

  • Maximum speed: 1s/360°
  • Spinning arm length: 110 cm
  • Table plate diameter: 50cm  (mounting holes allow to mount bigger plate)
  • Maximum table payload: 100kg (220lb)







DitoGear™ Trinity Short 1

DitoGear™ Trinity Short 2


  • Maximum speed: 4m/1s
  • Slider length: 3m


Learn more about the Black Friday Sale at DitoGear.

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