Gary Fong and Neal Manowitz, the VP of Sony Digital Imaging Talk 4k and Cinema

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Over the past few years, Sony’s fallen into their stride with the products they’ve released and their incredible reception amongst the cinematography and photography communities.

A lot of that has happened under the guidance and supervision of Neal Manowitz, the VP of Sony Digital Imaging. In this video, released on Sony’s Camera Channel on YouTube, Gary Fong sits down with Manowitz and discusses the continuing power of the Sony line.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. There are a few things they push in this interview (again, released on the Sony Camera Channel YouTube) that are pretty heavy exaggerations. The biggest one for me is the boast about Sony being the best in AutoFocus.

I am not a Canon fan, but the auto focus technology they’ve implemented in their past few cameras is incredible. I’m a dedicated, die-hard Sony shooter, but I can’t deny reality. Despite this, the video actually gives some good insight as to the power of the mirrorless body and also, what Sony really thinks about its brand and what their direction moving forward is.

The talk about Hollywood cameras and how Sony is steadily creeping into the Hollywood stratosphere is salient. Clearly, with additions like the FS5 and FS7, Sony’s looking to attract not only corporate shooters, but shooters who are laser focused on every detail of their images. In fact, this talk has me feeling like Sony’s going to release a new cinema camera in 2017/2018. Perhaps an updated F55 to eclipse the Canon C700? Who knows. But the Sony A7SII has proved itself worthy amongst many in the creative industries.

This summer I shot a HGTV style show almost exclusively on an A7S II. While that’s a far cry from Hollywood, the size and usability of the body has made it irreplaceable among many.

When you think, “Sony” what do you think? Is it what Fong and Manowitz describe?

“Gary Fong interviews Neal Manowitz, VP of Sony Digital Imaging” | 4K | Sony

Via YT video description:

By providing unrivaled advancements in digital imaging technology, within compact lightweight camera bodies, at price-points geared toward a wider consumer crowd, Sony is leading the revolution in mirrorless cameras.

Join professional photographer, director, and Sony advocate, Gary Fong, as he sits down with Neal Manowitz, Vice President of Sony Digital Imaging, to discuss the success and trajectory of Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras.

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