Edelkrone Wins Again With Their New Motion Module for SliderONE, “The App Controlled Genius”

by Bret Hoy2 Comments

edelkrone has to be one of the more innovative creators in the world of camera gear.

It seems that every few months, we’re watching the launch video for a new slider-type rig like the Wing, or a re-thinking of the quick release plate like the edelkrone ONE, or the re-imagining of the head altogether like the FlexTilt Head. They’re not just putting out new technology—it’s stuff that we haven’t seen before. So it’s not a surprise that their recent contribution is pretty amazing.

edelkrone’s created a Motion Module for the SliderONE— okay cool, but why does that matter? Well it’s controlled by an app on your phone.

Yes, FINALLY, someone’s created a motion slider with an interface that’s incredibly simple, yet highly functional and it’s accessible on perhaps the best surface to control it on- Your phone’s touch screen.

This video that edelkrone uploaded to their Facebook shows how effective this slider and app combo is. While the throw of the SliderONE isn’t NEARLY long enough for the work that I do, I cannot wait until this kind of technology is available in a 24 or 32 inch rail system.

edelkrone’s breaking new ground, and I hope they pull the whole industry along with ‘em.

Motion Module for SliderONE, the app controlled genius.

edelrone SliderONE and Motion Module- World's Most Portable Motorized Motion Control System

Via edelkrone:


Learn more about edelrone SliderONE and Motion Module.

(cover photo credit: snap from edelkrone)


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  2. Sounds good! I have long wanted to buy a motorized slider to increase the quality of production in videos of all kinds and in special weddings. Thank you for the product review, it seems appropriate

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