Audio Solutions with Sony Alpha

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planetMitch note: This is a guest post from Patrick Murphy-Racey – a Sony Artisan

Canon 5D shooters are finding the A7S for low light shooting and are appreciating the codecs offered, and internal 4K capture. But… I see so many people buying an A7 platform body, getting a Metabones adapter, and continuing to struggle through audio hassles (Juiced link, Zoom, Beachtek) and trying to manual focus what they are shooting.

Sony offers such an alternative with facial recognition and now eye tracking AF that works in video, internal 4K capture (RX10II, A7RII, A7SII), and amazing audio solutions that no one seems to ever take advantage of. This video just introduces some audio options, but all of which capture your hero audio ONTO THE CARD IN THE CAMERA, rather than into a separate audio recorder.

There is a vast world of difference when a video company makes still cameras shoot video, versus a legacy still camera company making still cameras that shoot video. Sony is tearing it up on all fronts right now and Canon and Nikon are both trying to play catch-up on the video side of things. Sony is at least worth a serious look to augment an existing camera system.

Last week I spend an entire day shooting the new Ronin M with the RX10II all in 4K. My back didn't even hurt the next morning!!!

Audio Options for Sony Alpha: Super Sony Audio Test

Find links to all microphones in my test here:

For a long time, my rubbermaid bin of audio gear has grown. Some of it I bought used and never even tried. In this video, I took all my stuff as well as my buddy Brian's and we tested everything we had on the Sony A7RII. All of the equipment we tested will work with most Sony still cameras as well as some video cameras as well such as the A7, A7R, A7S, A7RII, A7SII, RX10, RX10II, A99V, A77II, AX100, AX33, etc… There are a ton of audio solutions for Sony! #sonyalpha #sonyAOI

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  1. Like many video production professionals, I record video from our A7s in 4K using the Amotos Shogun. That means the audio is going into our A7s, through an HDMI cable to get into the Shogun. I’m not totally comfortable with that connection. So, I would recommend, if you can afford it, feed your mic or mics into something like the Zoom F8 mixer/recorder, then into the XLR-K1M connected to the A7s. This way, if you’re using a Shogun, Ninja or whatever, your audio will still make it into the recorder/monitor but you’ll also have a back-up recording using the F8. That could even be a high quality wav file. Even if you’re just recording video/audio in the camera on SD cards, I still think a back-up is good insurance. We all know that now matter how good your video is, if you don’t have crucial audio that goes with it, you’re SOL!

  2. That was excellent! You provided all the options. I really like that sony has provided an xlr adapter and even a cheaper option that connects to their hotshoes. I believe they also work for their video cameras too – cx900 and ax100 and maybe others as well.

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