A Beautiful Salute to the Cubs World Series Champions Aired by Nike

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Now here’s something very intriguing… I mean, they produced this amazing commercial just in case the Cubs won the World Series… but what if they didn’t win?

I found this on Facebook thanks to a post from Gail Mooney

And I watched the commercial and was very impressed. But since it was posted on Adweek, and they always show the credits with the ad, I started thinking about all of the people involved and wondered about the amount of money spent just to produce something that may not have ever been seen!

No wonder Nike shoes cost so much LOL!

But it is a great testament to planning and forward thinking as well.

And just imagine how cool it would be to be that kid!

Now I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan and have been since I moved here, and the Cubs are our arch rivals which brings out the joy and pain that is involved in a heated rivalry, and it kinda hurts to see the Cubs as World Champs, but at the same time, I am so happy for their fans who have lived with so much over the years.

But I also wonder… what will fuel them now? LOL

This is very good filmmaking and I applaud the team that put this together!

Chicago Cubs: Someday

Here's the Lovely Salute to the Cubs That Nike Aired After the Final Out of the World Series

Via Adweek:

Timing is everything. It was true early Thursday morning for the Chicago Cubs, who are World Series champions after 108 years of futility. And it was true for Nike, which used the first ad slot after the final out of Game 7 to air the spot below from Wieden + Kennedy—a lovely, quiet salute to the positive spirit of the team during its 2016 playoff run.

Read full article at Adweek “Here's the Lovely Salute to the Cubs That Nike Aired After the Final Out of the World Series”

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  1. Each year Nike develops two ads (they do this for the NBA championship as well), so somewhere is the Cleveland victory montage that the public will never see. It must be a little heartbreaking, whether you care about sports or not, to be on the production team for the video that gets shelved and never shown to the public. Who knows what works of art had to be scrapped over the years because the other team won.

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