Will We See Magic Lantern on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? First Step Accomplished But A Long Way To Go

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For most video shooters, The Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Mark III were ambassadors from the world of photography, into the world of cinematography; But it’s impossible to talk about their role in the lives of up and coming cinematographers without mentioning Magic Lantern.

Magic Lantern turns Canon DSLR bodies into filmmaking tools that, for a long time, were unmatched at their price point. Focus Peaking, False Colors and Histograms are elements of higher end cinema cameras that were otherwise unavailable to shooters, but they help you really laser focus your efforts on location. For all of the bad rap that Canon tried to throw onto Magic Lantern, so many people out there wouldn’t even consider using Canon bodies without the Magic Lantern system loaded.

Clearly, for anybody who’s invested in the Canon DSLR system and wants to continue using it for video, Magic Lantern is a very important part of the equation. Honestly, it was only a matter of time until they (“they” being a coalition of dedicated programmers) hacked the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’re already getting the first signs that Magic Lantern will possibly find its way onto the 5D Mark IV. The first step, nailing the display tests down, has been achieved recently, and some evidence was posted to a Magic Lantern message board.

So the question now, is how long will we have to wait until we get Magic Lantern — or rather, how long will you wait before installing it on your 5D Mark IV?

A small part of my brain has me thinking that full-frame 4k recording is possible with Magic Lantern installed. And then the other part of my brain tells me, “that’ll just set your camera on fire.”

planetMitch note: Caution is best until we see more progress. This is just a basic start and there’s a LOT of work to be done getting anything/everything working on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Who knows, they may never get past the first step. But at least the step has been made. Our many many thanks to the team working on Magic Lantern!

Via Magic Lantern Forum:



Second picture is my attempt to understand what happened and reproduce the error in QEMU.

After the fix:


Read complete Magic Lantern forum thread

(cover photo credit: snap from Magic Lantern forum)


  1. 5D MKIV will never, EVER get 4K RAW since the bottleneck in the previous camera was the write formats that were onboard (CF and SD). If Canon had moved to CFast 2.0, there is a possibility that 4K would have been possible. But, since the formats are still SDXC and CF, the ML capabilities will unfortunately not increase.

    I am more interested in their progress on the 7D MKII at this point. It makes me sad that they have avoided the 7D MKII since it would be a perfect companion to the ML 5D MKIII that I have.

  2. Well after Magic Lantern was assumed safe and in widespread use I installed it on my MkII. While trying to use my camera tethered for photography (shocking I know) it suffered a fatal malfunction. Nothing could save it. I have it now as a paper weight and reminder that when you mess with things you don’t completely understand you can destroy them. Their warnings about potential damage should be in giant letters on their webpage.

    1. ML has warning all over their website. To me, it’s common knowledge that using ML is at your own risk. I have used it successfully for 6 years and I always knew there was the potential for bricking my cameras.

  3. I think it says a lot when Canon 5D owners have to rely on a third party to provide access to features that Canon should have provided itself. As a Canon 5DMKII owner who was seriously thinking of upgrading to the MKIV I’m still a bit miffed at Canon for this kind of thinking but I salute Magic Lantern and support them in their efforts to make any 5D a better camera.

  4. You realise what full frame RAW will do to your harddrive wallet don’t you?

    If with help to the developers than I would be pleased to record clean 2/3K RAW with a great sensor (much better in 1080P than previous versions of 5D).

  5. I am a magic lantern proponent for the 5D Mark III. But a year ago I got my hands on a camera that far surpasses the 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern . Plus it shoots 4K internal on an SD card. Plus it’s auto – focus is impeccable. Plus it was mirrorless so you could see while you’re filming. Plus it had an f/2 16-50mm zoom lens. vimeo.com/146148534
    For some bizarre reason Samsung decided to stop. I’ve had mine for a year and had nothing but fantastic results. I realize I’m burning a bridge with Canon but they’ve had years to do something with the DSLR and they chose to go with the C-Series of cameras. For the DSLR user the NX1 is a delightful solution. The h.265 files open seamlessly on Adobe Premiere. Truth is truth.

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