This Pre-amp Could Be The Simplest and Best Solution for Your Next Interview Setup

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Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best.

Even though I love recording with my Tascam DR-70D because of the quality recording, options and functionality of the size, I can’t deny that for a handful of situations, I don’t need something that complicated. I just need a solid, “works every time” pre-amp that is quick, easy to set up and just runs directly into my camera.

I feel like I’m describing a piece of gear that every videographer can relate to, right? So what is it?

It’s the Saramonic SmartRig+!

It comes with all of the options that you’d ever need for shooting that quick interview— and it can even handle multiple microphone inputs. For me, probably the most important function of this preamp isn’t the form, or the simplicity of its send through, but the ability to pull signals from XLR, ¼ Inch and 3.5mm inputs. This is huge, because it gives you probably the widest variety of options of any recorder out there at that size, and certainly at that price.

A device like this allows you to avoid the pesky problem of syncing your footage in post, and instead allows you to shoot the high quality signal directly into your camera.

The benefits of running your audio through a device so simple might be limited to being a straight time saver, but that can’t be understated. There are some projects that just need to be simplified and bare bones.

If you ever have a situation like this, the Saramonic Smart Rig+ is the pre-amp that you need.

Best Audio Accessory For Your Camera!

Via Youtube Description:

Today we review the Saramonic Smart Rig+!
This is a very clean preamp with some killer features for video shooters. Check out the list below.

Saramonic Smart Rig+

Up to 4 microphones in
48v Phantom power
3.5mm, 1/4 and XLR inputs
Nice knobs for level control
Headphone jack
Output cable for cameras or phones (no hacking needed)
1/4 20″ female mounting thread.

Non locking XLR jacks
Poor labeling

(cover photo credit: snap from video)

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