The Battle: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R II – a Hands On Comparison

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We’ve published a couple of things by Jay P. Morgan and he and his crew are doing some very good things over at theSlantedLens.

In this episode, Jay P and Kenneth Merrill go at it in comparing the Sony A7r II and the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Note you can still get the Technicolor CineStyle and use it on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

It does slay me that we often push and pull to +- 2 to 5ev to “test” our cameras, but the key is to properly expose in the first place. I do understand seeing how far you can go with each camera, but I keep seeing so many reviews that go to +- 5ev and then complain that the image ‘falls apart’ (not blaming Jay P or Kenneth here, they put a very balanced review).

But at the same time, I also know it is very good to understand your camera in depth and understand what you can and cannot do so you can produce the result you really want (not forgetting that your viewers will be watching on some completely different devices).

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Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R II

Via Youtube Description:

Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Kenneth Merrill is here with me today, and we're getting back to our camera reviews with the Canon 5D Mark IV ( vs the Sony a7R II ( There's been a ton of buzz surrounding the release of the updated 5D. Many people feel Canon didn't go far enough. We took a look at the capabilities of both of these cameras, putting them head to head in order to see how the quality of the video held up over varying degrees of under and overexposure. I was really interested in the results because I have an a7R II and I was curious about how it would compare to the Mark IV.

Go ahead and take a look at the footage and let us know if you agree with with how we think the Sony a7R II and Canon 5D Mark IV stack up head to head. Leave us a comment here on YouTube, or go over to our Community Group ( and get involved in the discussion over there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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