RED Is Now Shipping The Helium 8k Sensor In The EPIC-W and WEAPON 8K S35

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When the Helium 8k sensor was first announced, or rather, when I first read the announcement, I felt it was a bit expected.

There has been a consistent battle over who’s the king of resolution for far too long. It’s gotten to the point that most people don’t even want to have a conversation about it. In that way, it’s lucky that the Helium 8k sensor is unique in the RED world for a reason entirely separate from resolution.

It’s a super 35 sensor.

But you already knew that—And hopefully you understand why that’s such a huge deal.

RED has made a name for themselves in regards to resolution, but they’ve done so primarily with cameras that utilize Full Frame chips. If you’re a fan of shooting on Full Frame, this is everything you’ve ever wanted.

That is, until you run into the problem of adjusting frame rates, or you don’t want to record 6k on every shoot. When you downgrade your resolution in the Red Dragon, you change the capture size of your sensor. This affects your focal length and your depth of field, and sometimes (if not all the time) it’s very annoying.

(Now we’re talking about a RED, so perhaps I might be overstating the frustration, but it’s still important!)

RED has announced that they’re finally ready to ship this sensor and bodies with this sensor, out to you. Newsshooter has compiled this info into an easy to read list with diagrams and everything. If you’re a RED shooter and you’re remotely interested in what the Helium 8k can do for you, check it out.

RED EPIC-W | Official Introduction

RED starts shipping the EPIC-W and the WEAPON 8K S35

Via Newsshooter:

RED has started shipping shipping two new cameras, the EPIC-W and the WEAPON 8K S35. We have previously seen the RED DRAGON 8K VV and HELIUM 8K Super 35mm released in very limited numbers and now the company is offering shooters an upgrade path to the 8K sensor, or the chance to purchase a brand new camera.

RED EPIC-W | RED Modularity in Stop Motion

The EPIC-W captures 8K at up to 30 fps, and produces ultra-detailed 35.4 megapixel stills and offers Super 35 lens coverage. Additionally, EPIC-W is capable of incredibly fast data speeds up to 275 MB/s. The WEAPON 8K S35, features data speeds up to 300 MB/s, and the ability to capture 8K (full frame 8192 x 4320) up to 60 fps. The WEAPON 8K S35 can also be upgraded to the RED DRAGON 8K VV.


One of the biggest differences between the EPIC-W and WEAPON 8K S35 is when it comes to frame rates. The EPIC-W is capable of 8K 2.40×1 at up to 30fps, while the WEAPON 8K S35 is capable of 8K 2.40×1 recording at up to 75fps. On the EPIC-W if you want to exceed 30fps you need to do a sensor crop.

Read full article at Newsshooter “RED starts shipping the EPIC-W and the WEAPON 8K S35”

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