Nineteen Year Old Filmmaker Jonny Mass Discusses His Amazing Early Success On Thomas Roberts’ Podcast

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The cumulative knowledge and vast wealth of experience that can be accessed via the internet in mere seconds is overwhelming.

Just years ago, filmmakers of any level were separated so heavily by locality and inability to communicate over long distances that today, when we look at the infrastructure, so many have developed so quickly, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind.

Here’s a tip though: Don’t. And here’s how to beat that feeling.

Thomas Roberts’ Podcast might not be the most prolific on the internet, but he’s brought in some of the more young and experienced talent around to discuss how to be successful in the industry. Most recently, he talked with nineteen-year-old filmmaker Jonny Mass about his early and surprising success as well as how it came to be. The overarching theme behind everything that Mass illustrates is clear.

Building a talent infrastructure and network via social media is incredibly important to your success as a filmmaker and indeed, any path in creative production. Mass speaks about how he talked with a major contact at RED at 3 A.M. and how that led to him being one of the lucky filmmakers able to make marketing materials for the 8K RED Helium release.

The first step to being successful in this industry is incredibly clear. You can’t do it alone. Now, it’s up to you to create that network that will take you where you want to go.

Episode 6 Interview with Jonny Mass RED Dragon Short Film Director


Jonny Mass is an amazing and interesting 19 year old director. Definitely someone to watch as his career soars. He's directing some major commercial work and has a successful you tube channel under his belt. Voice over by Dman Peters and music by

Listen to full podcast Interview with Jonny Mass.

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