Introducing Kodak Ektra: Kodak’s Professional-Quality, Photography-First Smartphone

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The Kodak Ektra is a 35mm rangefinder camera released by Kodak back in 1941. It was a small, portable body that made it that much easier for 1940’s shooters to take photos wherever they went.

Kodak has taken this incredible design, and made a camera for photographers on the go in 2017—and it’s got a phone attached.

The priority put on those elements makes the Kodak Ektra a unique device these days. It’s a camera, that’s designed to function as a phone as well.

It’s pretty easy to understand why Kodak would want to jump into this market. The 35mm Rangefinder cameras that they manufactured back in the day (cameras like the original Ektra) were made to allow shooters to take their photography on the road. This new Ektra is the ultimate expression of that. A quality camera that you always have in your pocket, ready to go at a moments notice.

With 4k capture, a 21mp sensor and a f/2.0 aperture, the Ektra isn’t just a gimmick either; It’s been made to compete with the big names in the industry and challenge them in ways they hadn’t expected.

The Ektra has been made to closely duplicate the experience of operating a Professional DSLR or Mirrorless camera. An, “Intuitive Touchscreen DSLR Dial (with haptic touch)” is quickly accessible along with a customizable Manual Mode. But that’s only half the story. The Kodak Ektra is also a phone with 3gb of Ram and 32gb Memory that’s expandable with MicroSD cards, a Helio X-20 Decacore Processor and an incredible 5’’ Full HD IPS 441ppi display with 1920×1080 resolution.

Those specs allow the Ektra to compete in the world of iPhone’s and Galaxy S’s (and Pixel's). Do you think you’d want to invest in a system like the Kodak Ektra?

Introducing Kodak Ektra: Kodak's Professional-Quality, Photography-First Smartphone


Via Kodak:

Introducing the Kodak Ektra phone. Kodak's professional-quality, photography first smartphone. Kodak Ektra combines timeless Kodak simplicity with the freedom to capture, shape and share every moment. A unique hybrid of photography innovation and DSLR functionality, Kodak Ektra puts in-the-moment creative control at your fingertips.

For over a century, Kodak has made tools to help anyone create.

KODAK EKTRA combines timeless Kodak simplicity with the freedom to capture, shape and share every moment.

A unique hybrid of photography innovation and DSLR functionality, KODAK EKTRA puts in-the-moment creative control at your fingertips.


Technical Specifications

  • 21MP main camera with Kodak non-reflective lens coating. Aperture f2.0.
  • Optical Image Stabilization and Auto Focus.
  • 13MP front-facing camera.
  • Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) & HDR Imaging.
  • 4K Video Capture.
  • Leading Helio X-20 Decacore Processor
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Memory, expandable with MicroSD cards
  • 5″ Full HD IPS display (441 ppi). (1920 x 1080 resolution)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Screen & Lens protection

Learn more about Kodak Ektra.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kodak)


  1. I’m totally happy with my smartphone at its one focal length… what I really want is to be able to zoom in and not lose a ton of detail.

    So, I’m baffled by this camera and the DxOOne that seem to solve problems only the biggest camera nerds complain about: noise and dynamic range. And yes, I’m a pretty big camera nerd.

    Anyway, I’m switching over to the iPhone 7+ for that sweet 50mm.

  2. The original Ektra was an advanced 35mm interchangeable-lens camera, presumably intended to compete with the Leica. Besides interchangeable backs and a long-baselength rangefinder, it had a notoriously unreliable shutter, which pretty much doomed it. It’s certainly collectable, but not really usable.

    Ektra is the designation Kodak often gave its best products. That is the reference here — not to a failed 75-year old design. The claims of how wonderful it is are mostly advertising drivel.

  3. Two obvious questions that don’t seem to be answered. What OS does it have? Android? Linux? And does the damn thing have a zoom lens in it or not.

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