Final Cut Pro X 10.3 is Here! It’s FREE Upgrade and It’s Packed with New Features, Workflow Improvements and Editing Enhancements

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Finally! Final Cut Pro X (also known as FCPX) has been upgraded! And what an upgrade it is!

The user interface has been completely redesigned (tho most things are still in the same place thankfully). They've ‘flattened' the UI and made many many streamlined improvements.

So many improvements tho, you'll save yourself a bunch of time by spending a bit of time watching these amazing videos put together by Ripple Training and frankly I think you should consider spending $40 to buy their 2 hour training videos. I'd bet they are well worth the cost. I haven't seen them nor have I laid down the $ (and the link isn't an affiliate link either so I'm gaining nothing here).

And as I mentioned in the DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast this morning, I'm learning lightroom after moving from Aperture, but I'm taking some hands on training and I have learned so much more than I would have learned on my own… so I highly encourage training!

But this is indeed great news from apple! Heck we weren't sure if they were ever going to upgrade FCPX or if it was going the route of their doomed Aperture (which I will miss dearly!).

Below are a couple of the videos from Ripple Training – but also check out the post where they're collecting all of the links to new posts on FCPX 10.3

My thoughts about the new MacBook Pros are on the podcast as well… tune in here

Final Cut Pro 10.3 New Features: Introduction from Steve & Mark

Final Cut Pro 10.3 is here and it’s full of new features, workflow improvements and editing enhancements wrapped in a redesigned interface that puts the focus on your content. In this free 8-lesson tutorial series, Steve & Mark showcase the features in Final Cut Pro 10.3 that will matter most to you as an editor.

Work Faster with Improved Roles

Via Ripple Training:

Final Cut Pro 10.3 New Features Lesson 1: Exploring the New UI

Exploring the User Interface
The new flat look of the UI greatly reduces visual noise and clutter. Discover a reorganized Libraries pane, new Workspaces and a fast and efficient way to work with your audio content in the Timeline.

Final Cut Pro 10.3 New Features Lesson 2: Exploring Timeline 2

Explore Timeline 2
Quickly and fluidly organize your dialogue, music & effects roles into lanes. Focus on just the sound you want to work on; reveal all your audio components and rearrange your lanes into any order that suits your working style.

Learn more about Final Cut Pro 10.3’s new features and workflows from Ripple Training.

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