Andy Davison’s Review Of The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Might Be One Of The Most Useful Reviews You’ll Read

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The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has created just as many questions for photographers and videographers than answers.

The improvements made, while plenty and very functional (especially that incredible Canon Autofocus) in a lot of cases simply aren’t enough to make other shooters jump ship to board the Canon train. In fact, Andy Davison at elaborates on this idea, and doubles down saying that the Canon 5D Mark IV is just enough to keep traditionally Canon photographers around.

But hang on. It’s really not that simple. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has a lot going for it — a lot of it might not be surprising advancements, but they are substantial if you’re already living in the Canon realm.

Andy Davison guides us through his very enlightening experience with the 5D Mark IV and gives us a breakdown of what he found useful, and some stuff that he didn’t.

I really appreciate this look from Davison because he doesn't linger too long on the technical aspects of the camera. Just on the raw usability. Things like battery life and ergonomics play an incredibly important, but oftentimes forgotten role in every shoot you work. Davison’s evaluation will resonate better than most talk about megapixel and dynamic range.

“I’m not sure that I need more Dynamic Range than the 5D MK IV has to offer (although photographers will of course always want more than less) but when you spend £3500 on a camera that’s been 4 years or more in development, you hope to get the very best in its class in such a fundamental area (at least for a short while). “

This is clearly a sentiment expressed by a shooter that’s not whining about details. He’s just being honest.

Do you have experience with the 5D Mark IV and does it align with Davison’s report?

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My perspective is entirely independent; within financial constraints, I’d always place camera performance and image quality ahead of brand choice. I’ve been shooting weddings for 3 years or so and although I’ve only used the 5D MK III in that time (for about 100 weddings), I’ve had the Nikon D750 in my online shopping basket more than once while I waited impatiently for Canon to update the MK III. In that time I’ve worked with photographers using D750s and, in editing their RAW files, seen for myself what I’ve been missing out on, particularly in terms of Dynamic Range and high ISO performance. While I’m not a ‘Canon fanboy’, I do however like many things about the ‘Canon system’ – the range and quality of the L series lenses, the Canon 600 off/on-camera flash system (and its integration), camera build quality, the professional support (CPS), the menu system and colours that I get from my Canon cameras are what kept me with Canon over the past 18 months or so (aside from the cost of switching systems).

I imagine that my situation when Canon finally launched the MKIV was therefore similar to many other wedding photographers who managed to ignore the charms of cameras like the D750, the Sony A7R II or Fuji’s increasingly impressive X Pro and XT series cameras while hoping that the replacement to their still excellent MK IIIs would deliver enough to keep them with Canon and the wider Canon system that they’ve grown to trust. The aim of this brief user review of the MK IV is therefore to really try and help those photographers who are pondering whether to upgrade to the 5D MK IV from an earlier Canon EOS 5 Series camera or indeed to perhaps inform those who left Canon or sit in Nikon, Sony or Fuji etc worlds as to whether the MK IV offers something to tempt them back or across to Canon.


Canon 85mm f/1.2 L MK II – f/2 – 1/1000th sec – ISO 100 Photo Credit: Andy Davison at


Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L MK II – f/2.8 – 1/200th sec – ISO 1000 – + 1 stop in Lightroom Photo Credit: Andy Davison at


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