4K TV’s Are The Future– But Which Ones Are The Most Futureproof?

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We talk a lot about how resolution and bitrate are changing the way that we discuss camera specs.

The vast majority of cameras being released today are expected to shoot in 4k, but this creates a lot of problems for those that are frustrated with advancing technology. Since we’re in the capture realm, we have all kinds of reasons to want more resolution out of our cameras (namely, for reframing in post), but we can’t forget about the consumer side of things. Who wants to deal with 4k?

Well, it’s easy for most people to see at this point that 4k isn’t going away, and eventually, it will usurp 1080 in the world's home televisions. Luckily, that curve and trend towards upgrading from HD to UHD is much slower than the curve that we experienced going from SD to HD. This is a great thing for consumers, but it does create another problematic symptom. It means that technology has another opportunity creep in. This time, it’s HDR.

More than increased resolution, HDR has the opportunity to really change the way that we deliver content to consumers, and 4K HDR televisions change the way that our consumers, consume that content.

Because of these quickly developing upgrades, it’s important that when you’re buying a new television or monitor, you’re buying for the future. Not just for the, “now.”

Techradar.com has put together a list of The Best 4K TV’s of 2016. These sets might be out of your price range, but it’ll show you what to look for when you’re putting together your next entertainment center.

The 10 best 4K TVs of 2016


Via TechRadar:

Even if you're not excited about resolutions, most 4K televisions are now shipping with HDR, which is a stunning new technology that expands the range of brightness your TV is able to display.

The only catch is that just because a TV has a 4K resolution and, perhaps, HDR and wide colour technologies does not automatically mean that it's a brilliant TV. In fact, HDR in particular is proving quite a challenge for TVs to get right. So let's try and make your buying decision at least a bit easier with our pick of the best 10 4K TVs you can buy today.

(Editor's note: If you're looking to purchase a 4K Blu-ray player then be sure to check out our list of the best 4K Blu-ray players, or alternatively check out the Xbox One S, which comes equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player of its own.)

1. Samsung KS9500 range

As well as delivering some of the sharpest 4K pictures yet, the KS9500s also go further than any other TVs to maximise the impact of HDR

65-inch: Samsung UE65KS9500 | 78-inch: Samsung UE75KS9500 | 88-inch: Samsung UE88KS9500

  • Jaw-dropping, class-leading HDR pictures
  • Unexpectedly good sound
  • Curved screen won't suit all
  • Some backlight ‘blooming' in dark scenes


No TVs in 2016 deliver pictures more downright spectacular than Samsung's KS9500s. Partly because no other commercially released TVs have ever delivered as much brightness, but also because Samsung has used a high-end backlighting system and a proprietary take on Quantum Dot colour technology to ensure that the emphatic brightness is joined by excellent contrast and explosively rich but also gorgeously nuanced colours.

Push all this technology to the max with today's highest quality sources – especially, the incredible images you can get from the new Ultra HD Blu-ray format – and you'll witness pictures the like of which just haven't been seen on a TV before.

The KS9500s aren't perfect; the push for such extreme contrast from an LCD screen can sometimes cause backlight clouding around very bright objects, and the most accurate Movie preset can cause colour striping with UHD Blu-ray. There's no 3D support either. So extraordinary are the KS9500s' pictures at their best, though, that their flaws become seriously easy to forgive.

Read full list at TechRadar “The 10 best 4K TVs of 2016”

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