This Surreal Film Showcases The Grand Tetons in Glorious 8K

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More Than Just Parks is a production team that has one of the best jobs in the world. They go out to national parks all across the United States and make beautiful films from the time lapses and footage that they capture on location.

This time, they’ve gone to Grand Teton National Park and put together an incredible collection of frames, captured in pristine, surreal 8K. I say surreal, because the effect this level of resolution (and vibrance) gives isn’t something that you really experience when you’re in the Tetons. This leads me to what I find the most interesting aspect of what More Than Just Parks does with their films.

Cameras and online distribution quality have reached such a level of quality that we’ve somehow created a whole new way of experiencing these places. Of course, we’ve had this type of visual media for decades, but I often feel that watching films like those created by More Than Just Parks, gives us a whole new perspective and feeling than we would experience if we were actually there.


Something that’s important to remember is that the guys who go out and shoot these videos don’t just grab their cameras and go. They have a variety of gear, camera and otherwise that help them create these videos.

Two of the most interesting additions to their rig is the Stage One Motorized Slider and the Lee Filters they use.

Clearly, for any company that makes their name by shooting motion-lapses, the motorized slider is a huge part of what they do, but the Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Slider is a piece of kit created purely for this purpose—and it shows. The options and add-ons available give you the opportunity to fine tune what kind of gear you want, and the results speak for themselves.

The second part that I think is so important are the Lee Filters that they use, and specifically, the system that Lee uses to attach their filters to your camera.

While most shooters nowadays have adopted the screw on filters, we often forget about the power of the ND Grad filter. That is, the line of filters that gradually fade from ND to clear glass. These filters let you capture beautiful, contrasty skies while maintaining proper exposure on your foreground.

Check out their gear page and read up on what these talented guys use to make these unbelievable films.


GRAND TETON 8K is the culmination of nearly a month spent filming in the spectacular Jackson Hole Valley and the foothills of the Teton Mountain Range. Encompassing nearly 500 square miles, Grand Teton National Park boasts an awe-inspiring array of pristine wilderness, glacial lakes, winding rivers, diverse wildlife, and the magnificent Teton Range.

Journey with More Than Just Parks as we explore a land dominated by towering peaks, apex predators, and majestic beauty. This is Grand Teton. Filmed primarily in 8K.

To see more National Park films or learn more about More Than Just Parks, visit our website:

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