The Ultimate RodRocket Design by LockCircle Will Make Your Rig Lighter and More Functional

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There’s a large chunk of shooters out there that are fully content with their camera options at this point. They have all the lenses they need. They’re set… Except for some of the ancillary gear that would just make their life easier.

A lot of these kinds of things are filters, camera support rigs and the like, but if you’re like me, you need to find a way to comfortably attach all of these accessories to your camera.

The first part is procuring a cage for your camera. Usually, this has a variety of ¼ 20 holes interspersed through out a metal cage that surrounds your camera, as well as a hot shoe or two. Most of these cages will also have a pair of 15mm rods at the base of the camera. From there the possibilities open up.

I record externally from my Sony a7S quite a bit, so I use these rods to mount my monitor. It also provides a convenient way to wrap the cables so they’re not just waving around, but I don’t necessarily recommend that for everyone. After that, you can mount a matte box to the front of the camera, add in a v-mount, etc. Eventually, you will run out of space. That’s where LockCircle steps in.

LockCircle has created a series of 15mm extension rods that are not only incredibly functional, they’re absolutely gorgeous. “The RodRocket kit contains three different rod lengths of 1″, 2″, 3″ that can be joined instantly with the RodJoint to reach 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inches without any tool.”

For me, one of the most attractive part of any extension rod kit is the weight. Most of us that have a fully rigged up camera are already struggling to balance it correctly. The RodRocket 15mm kit uses rods that are, “ergonomically 90% lighter than any equivalent steel rod.”

If you’re in the market to increase the functionality of your camera cage system, look no further.

Are you a RodRocket cameraman?

Via Lockcircle Press:

The ultimate RodRocket design by LockCircle is inspired by resolution surfers.

The RodRocket 15mm Kit is the ultimate 15mm titanium grade 5 rod system.

The Kit contains three different rod lengths of 1″, 2″, 3″ that can be joined instantly with the RodJoint to reach 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inches without any tool.

Rodrocket 15mm 1

The RodRocket Titanium Kit is an all in one rod system contained within a compact carrying kit that provides everything a cameraman or cinematographer would need to rig a mattbox, or follow focus.

Rodrocket 15mm 2

The result of our high tech design process is a rod that is ergonomically 90% lighter than any equivalent steel rod through the use of an exclusive LockCircle pattern CNC machined design and titanium body.

Rodrocket 15mm 3

The RodRocket is for users who value having the latest in cinematic technology while providing the additional benefit of a unique aesthetic design.

A 19mm RodRocket system will follow shortly!

Custom branding for camera rentals are available on special order.

Technical Weight Specifications:

1 inch 15mm rod (8g/0.3oz)/ 2 inch 15mm rod (10g/0.4oz)/ 3 inch 15mm Rod (14g/0.5oz)/ RodJoint 15mm (5g/0.2oz)/ RodCap 15mm (5g/0.2oz)

Delivery starts October 2016.

Learn more about the RodRocket Titanium Kit.

(cover photo credit: snap from LockCircle)

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Mainly focused on documentary and experimental film, he has produced, directed, shot and edited many short films and a few long form works.

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  1. For us, old world europeans, it will be great that you provide also some metric conversion of the lenghts… (3inch=?cm)…

    Thanks 😉


    1. Yeah, the chrome finish doesn’t make much sense. Can titanium be anodized?

  2. To Kajetan K.,

    It’s quite simple: One inch is 2,54 centimeter or 25,4 milimeter.
    Please see:

    To Mr. Yoon,

    Of course you are right, metal colored materials are terrible. Black should be the ‘color’.
    Very expensive stuff for people who like to show their gear.

    And I am wondering if the weight of a rod system will have any serious influence comparing with batteries, camera, follow focus, monitor and more.

    Rein (Old world European)

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