RANT 2: Camera Makers Need to Move to the Current Century and Be Ready On Day 1

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I've been saying it for a long time… camera manufacturers need to change their thinking and they need to do it quickly. So I issue a challenge to Canon (and all the other manufacturers) – Please do a better job of having what we need to read your files BEFORE the cameras hit the shelves.

So, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV comes out tomorrow, but Canon doesn't have their Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software updated online yet nor can any Adobe or Apple software read a .cr2.  I asked on twitter if anyone had seen the download and Canon Imaging replied they're waiting for tomorrow's release to post the software update. WHY? Is there something secret in there???? NO. They've posted the 5D4 support page (days ago) but no software shows… doesn't make any sense to me.

Why do I care? Canon has given cameras to many bloggers (not me, but that's a whole other rant LOL), and those folks are sharing .cr2 files which everyone wants to look at in their own environments… but there's little software out there that reads the new .cr2 format!

So here it is 2016, and planet5D has been around almost 8 years (our anniversary is coming soon) and we're STILL waiting on Canon to give the raw format to Apple and Adobe and others BEFORE the cameras are released so they can update the operating systems and software so that when consumers get their hands on the new cameras, they can do SOMETHING with them other than shoot JPEG until there is software they normally use to read the RAW files.

This is so 1957 (that's the year I was born LOL).

So I have found a tool that will read Canon's 5D Mark IV files and convert them to .tiff files (RawDigger) but why oh why doesn't Canon (and Nikon and Sony – it isn't just Canon!) get pro-active and work with vendors and make it a seamless transition?


Here's a story from LensRentals on how to read the new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV files. Note – as far as I can see, Adobe DNG Converter (mentioned on the LR page) still doesn't support the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV either (here's the supported list).

And Adobe has said they will support the new Dual Pixel RAW (but they didn't say if they'd be able to do what DPP does with them) but we don't know when – and that's because they're scrambling to catch up.

Anyway… hopefully Canon and others will take this as constructive criticism instead of just a rant.

While I'm at it, I just found this video from Tony Northrup and he preaches many of the things I've been saying since 2010! DSLRs need to be much more like iPhones and have operating systems that are easy to use and could have add on software like Magic Lantern via a store like the Apple App Store.

(Note: I've skipped the first 14 minutes where he talks about the death of the consumer camera – I figure you know all that – and I've started where he talks about what SHOULD be done to bring pro and prosumer cameras to the current time zone).

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon)



  1. I was reading this like, “Yeah, you tell ’em, Mitch!” and then I saw a video with me in it and I was like, “Woah it’s going to seem narcissistic if I write a comment saying I agree with him now.”

    FWIW I also have a video asking Adobe to fix Lightroom, and one of my complaints is the stupid way they handle raw compatibility for new cameras.

    And I don’t know how Canon picks who gets the loaner cameras… I know they’re in limited supply. It’s not like I’m on their payroll, or unwilling to surface flaws their products. I also wasn’t the first on the list; I know DPReview and some others got the camera before me.

    1. Author

      Hey @tony! Not narcissistic at all… you’ve certainly got the ability to tell it like you see it and if you agree with me, then you’re awesome in my book LOL! (You were already HAHA).

      I used to be “in” with Canon… well, let’s just leave it there 🙂

  2. Where is RANT 1? Did you title it something else? I enjoyed reading RANT 2 but can’t find RANT 1 🙂

  3. As I said before, Tony was really the only one pointing out the flaws when the 5DIV was announced. That said, I appreciate Tony’s honesty in exposing not just the good in gear, but the bad. Allowing us, the audience the ability to the choose whether or not a piece of kit is worth it’s while. Thank you Tony, and thank you Mitch, I couldn’t agree more about software on cameras…. Samsung had it right…. unfortunately they’re dead now lol

  4. Still waiting for Adobe or Phase One – or somebody other than Sigma – to include support for the dp?m product line. Alas. The choices of software companies baffle me sometimes.

  5. Canon, Nikon and especially Leica totally lost the connection with the fast market and new customers like young indy filmmakers but also web-fotographers who want to get instant access online with their shots.
    I can´t believe how long it took Canon with the 5D IV and still they are way behind. We will see what Sony comes up with this month (new super-sensor, high framerates …) and finally Gopro seems to wake up again.
    I´ve sold all my Canon and moved to Sony with the FS5 and A7sII and it´s fine but there are still ways to optimize. The A9 would be interesting. TOUCH SCREEN and really GOOD connections and apps with smartphones and iPads.
    That´s what we need.

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