Mad Max: Fury Road Delivers the Wonder Of Cinema With These Mind-Blowing Practical Effects

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Modern audiences are acutely aware of the power of computer-generated images—so much so that cinephiles tend to hold CGI in somewhat low regard.

Post-Processing is an integral part of every film’s workflow, but in recent years, it’s become more of a crutch, a way to avoid having to get it in camera. On the other end of the spectrum are practical effects—that is, visual gags and effects that are captured without the help of any computers.

In 2016, practical effects are one of the most powerful ways to give modern audiences that, “wonder of cinema” that mid 20th century theaters provided. When suspension of disbelief transcends story and infiltrates every part of the production process, your audience will be left in awe.

There is no director that has captured this magician-like quality more than George Miller with Mad Max: Fury Road.

When you’re watching men careening through the desert thirty feet above these speeding post-apocalyptic scrapyard automobiles, and performing acrobatics that would impress Cirque De Soleil veterans, it’s easy to think that it had to have been done in post.

Well… it wasn’t. And they have an amazing behind the scenes video to prove just how incredibly difficult the Production Crew worked to make Mad Max: Fury Road the sort of illusion that it was.

When I first saw Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters, I went into it knowing that I was going to witness a marvel of practical effects. Even with this prior warning, I went back three more times because I was in such awe. Now, I’ve watched this video three times and I’m still in awe. George Miller and his whole team captured something for the ages with Mad Max: Fury Road.

Fury Road – Crash & Smash

Via Inverse:

Director George Miller famously claimed that 90 percent of the effects in Mad Max: Fury Road were practical. Considering how ubiquitous unnecessary CGI is in today’s cinema landscape and the extent of carnage and mayhem from 2015’s explosive blockbuster, skepticism is justified.

However, a new video that shows off Mad Max: Fury Road’s practical effects transforms Miller’s claim into an understatement. It turns out even without visual effects, Mad Max: Fury Road looks exactly like Mad Max: Fury Road.

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  1. Too cool. Thanks for the post. I didn’t see it in the theater as I figured they cgi’d the heck out of one of my favorite movies. George Miller is the man… Can’t imagine all the planning in preproduction. Clip was a nice break from this morning’s product shooting. Have a great day!

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