Laowa’s Frog Eye Lens Coating Makes It SO Much Easier To Shoot In The Rain

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Venus Optics has been releasing a load of new lenses recently, and all have aimed at some unique gap in the market.

Either with their recently teased native E-Mount glass, or their Zero Distortion 12mm or with the crazy cool 15mm macro that’s been getting rave reviews and a lot of press—they’re finding ways of maintaining viral type interest in their lenses.

While most of the qualities that are selling their lenses are big features and specs, there’s one specific thing that Laowa does to their lenses that puts them just one notch above some of their competition.

Laowa coats their lenses with a, “Water Repelling Frog Eye Coating.” This means that rain and other water splashes won’t stick onto your lens and ruin a shot. They’ll just roll off, leaving your lens front pristine.

Now for those of us that use filters, it may not be the most often used feature of the lens, but you have to ask yourself, why aren’t more manufacturers doing this?

Hopefully the rest of the industry takes a queue from Venus Optics/Laowa and starts developing water repelling coatings that don’t interfere with the visual fidelity of your glass. I know at least a handful of photojournalists that would be forever thankful.

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Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Mainly focused on documentary and experimental film, he has produced, directed, shot and edited many short films and a few long form works.

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  1. That’s a cool feature for Timelapse photographers that sometimes have to stop the sequence because of rain. Very impressed with the rest of the specs on this lens.

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  3. If fluids will not stick, then how are we supposed to clean the lens front element?

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