Cinemartin Announces Loyal Series of Pro Monitors

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Last week, Cinemartin announced a new very bright monitor… this week it is a line of full featured but less expensive professional monitors.

The first in the series slides in-between the typical 5″ and 7″ and has a lot of features to boot. Have a look:

Cinemartin 5.7″ HDMI + SDI Bright Monitor with Assist tools

Via Cinemartin Press:

PRESS RELEASE, September 2016
Cinemartin is proud to announce the co-development and immediate availability of its new Loyal series of pro. monitors

Cinemartin Loyal series 1

Available now on 5.7″ and soon at a 7″, Loyal series features HDMI + SDI inputs and outputs with cross conversion, that means the ability to output the HDMI input at the SDI output and the SDI input at the HDMI output, so acting also as a switch at o extra cost, well in fact this monitor is priced at what a hdmi to sdi or sdi to hdmi switch cost, but both, as a +

As of quality, this monitors feature a well detailed full HD native resolution at 1920 x 1080 with a contrast ratio of 1000:1, with up to 600 NIT's of luminance. The first model of the Loyal series now available, is a powerful compact 5.7 inch monitor, resistant as it is housed on a metal lighter chassis, and weights only 297 grams or 422 grams full equip including battery.

Cinemartin Loyal series 2

The chassis provides buttons for access to the GUI on top of the monitor, including a wheel for better manage those settings, as well as a some user customizable button to direct access almost any feature.

Loyal series comes with a lot of functionality as well as dedicated Assist and Exposure tools including False color, Histogram, Peaking, RGB parade, Waveform, Zoom and more.

Other useful tools included in Loyal series are: Audio Meters, Audio Gain, Color Bar, Markers and the ability to change aspect ratios.

Standard features are also included for change Brightness, Saturation, Huge, etc.
Cinemartin Loyal series 3

A completely professional toolset with almost any tool needed.

Built within a compact and well made chassis that will have the option to change the top and back cover for an optional Fiber Carbon replacements, Loyal series comes full, with 2 baseplates for power the monitor using either Sony NP-F or Canon LP-E batteries, and can be changed on the air with no extra tools, just by releasing a button switch on the back of the display. Power consume is relatively low, at 14W / 12V.

Cinemartin Loyal series 4

5.7 inches is one of the sizes most demanded by users, as 5 inch might be a little small and 7 inch might be too much big, this 5.7″ compact monitor will meet most user demands, having a width like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so, keeps in your hands or in the pocket of your cloth or jeans, while having a viewable area and a resolution (402 PPI) enough for you to get the most from your camera.

As well as can be used to playback your recorded clips from your DSLR or camcorder, as it have a nice contrast and 169 degrees of viewable angle. An in all, plus 2 video inputs and 2 video outputs acting like a Mini Converter, plus an audio speaker and headphone jack (well suited or cameras that lacks audio like Sony a6300), will make Loyal 5.7″ by Cinemartin, one of the most selling monitors in the upcoming time. Check the friendly price on the official website at

Here are the comments from Alejandro Barrada {GOODYES} (Co-Founder and Developer Manager at Cinemartin)
alejandro barrada

“It is a pleasure to go there and listen what people says, by looking around, on the net as well as on places where not only your colleagues are, then its time to plan.

After our last successfully released Venus 7″ High Brightness monitor at later August (2016), now we launch a new product that will cover a wider public.

We are so glad, only a few weeks has been passed since our first monitor, and we are on a second model that will be followed by a third (7″) within the same Loyal series. I'm just remembering way back when we started more than half a decade ago with software, then complemented to develop Camera Accessories, then continued the software with a powerful Denoiser, then from 2015 with NEXT 4K and from beginning this one with exclusive portable recorders-monitors-streamers and portable computers all in one, including the last customized for Hollywood RED Cameras which we are still developing, and now entering the display market, I'm really happy to manage this Team of professionals, just like from when we started, introducing high tech features and talented design, at those affordable prices that people are looking for”

5.7″ Loyal by Cinemartin is now available for purchase via Cinemartin website or by asking your retailer / shop.

(cover photo credit: snap from Cinemartin)

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