Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Moire and Rolling Shutter vs 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II

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Many of you know I picked up a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV the first day it was available and I've spent the weekend diving in and testing – but I've been able to test like most others haven't – I've tested it against the revolutionary Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III simultaneously!

And geez, that takes a while – especially when it rains like crazy the first 2 days you have it.

Thanks to my local camera shop Schiller's Camera, I was able to use my 3 bodies (the 5D2, 3, and now 4) along with 3 Canon 24-105L as well as the P&C Gearbox so I'd have the same identical setup to be able to see the results side-by-side-by-side. I did a similar test when the 6D came out.

The first test is of course the moire and rolling shutter test. I'll be trying to get the 4k vs HD vs HDR test out shortly.

So… what are my thoughts?

I think the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV turned out exactly as I expected. It is worse in moire and about the same in rolling shutter (if not slightly better) than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

In the case of the moire, it is all about the 30mp sensor. That's 50% more than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and if you'll recall, Canon said the Canon EOS 5D Mark III was tuned to try to eliminate moire (but we also got slightly softer video).

So processing video off the 30mp sensor in my mind will logically bring a bit more moire – and I'm sure the highly technical folks would be able to explain it with jargon about pixel site density and pixel size etc, but the net result is that if you're going to use the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for video, you're going to have to watch out for moire. That is if it matters to you at all.

planet5D side-by-side-by-side

Again our thanks to Schiller's camera for lending us 2 lenses and helping us secure the first Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in their allotment.

Oh, and just as an added bonus:

In case you happened to miss it, here's the panel discussion we had when the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV was announced:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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