Canon C700 – Industry Perspective & Rant

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Lately, I've been astounded by the responses from ‘the internet' about new camera releases… everyone seems to have a negative opinion about everything (well, except for the incredibly vague Panasonic GH5 announcement).

Maybe that's just the way of the internet these days?

But it really bothers me that so few people can say anything nice.

The same thing happened when Canon announced the c700 a couple of weeks ago – but yet I did actually find something encouraging… from Matt Workman at the Cinematography Database.

He adds a perspective that I've been trying to say (and maybe not doing such a good job) – not every camera is designed for YOU, they are designed to reach a certain segment which may not include you – and that's OK!

Matt manages to totally describe different segments of the film/video market and how certain cameras fit in those segments.

Thanks Matt! I hope people will listen!

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Canon C700! | Industry Perspective & Rant

Via Youtube Description:

In this video I give my POINT OF VIEW of where the new Canon C700 fits into the current cinematography market.

If you don't agree, we can still be friends, like BFFs. AND friends share opinions without blood shed.

If the stars align, I'll do a real hands on shoot and review of this camera.

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  1. How refreshing to hear some reasonable commentary. You’re right, the web has become a platform for endless vitriol. And for many it’s far easier to spew vitriol than to think coherently and give a considered opinion.

  2. “…not every camera is designed for YOU, they are designed to reach a certain segment which may not include you – and that’s OK!”

    Thank you for some common sense. The universe does not revolve around any of us.

    Canon made the decision to draw an (admittedly) blurred line between amateur and professional products, giving it the ability to produce “uncompromised” professional equipment. The marketplace will eventually pass judgment on whether Canon made a mistake.

  3. Hi Chap, love to here you compare your Mercedes class to Nikon, Panasonic, Sony… Your comments are a little bias to say the least, a GoPro can knock the socks off a canon in video if used right with mods & glass, in fact so can an iPhone for that matter. It’s all about the glass & Nikon & Sony (Ziess) make & or have stunning glass, just the Opion of myself here.

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