Can Canon Compete? Canon Plays With The Big Boys With The New Canon EOS C700

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So… hot on the heals of the announcement of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (and all of the complaining about what it cannot do), Canon announces a new camera for the Cinema EOS line – the Canon EOS 700!

But while there's a lot to get excited about in the new C700, make sure you're sitting down as the prices start at $35,000 (which is what the press release says but B&H prices the body at $28,000). So, this is NOT a camera that competes with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, but it does lay down some serious competition at the top of the market where the big boys work – like the Sony, Panasonic, RED, and Arri lines.

For those of you who say Canon isn't serious about cinema, I think you've got to re-think that opinion.

But again, for those of our readers who are here because of the low end pricing of the DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras, this will be fun to dream about. But maybe, someday, these features will come down to the lower end (we can dream can't we?).

Pre-order at B&H: Canon EOS C700 (available November 2016)


  • EF and PL mount options
  • Global shutter option! (Tho you lose 1 stop of dynamic range)
  • 15 stops of Dynamic Range
  • Internal 4k ProRes recording
  • 10bit 4k
  • 2k 444 at 12 bit
  • 4.5k sensor
  • 120fps 4k RAW video
  • 100fps 4.5k RAW video coming with firmware upgrade
  • 240fps in 2k cropped format
  • Canon Super 35mm 4.5k sensor


Opinion and other news stories:

The new C700 marks a departure from the design philosophies behind the C100, C300 and C500. For the first time, Canon has made what looks like a ergonomic, shoulder-mountable camera that shares a lot of similarities with its competition. In fact, if you look at the C700 closely, the design is a real hybrid of several other cameras. The front end of the camera looks very much like a C300; it is long and thin like a Arri Amira; has a side control panel that looks similar to the Sony F5/55; and an assistant’s panel that looks very much like the one for the Varicam 35 and LT.

via Opinion: Is the Canon C700 an owner/operator’s dream camera? Or just another also ran?


Yes, that’s right: global shutter.

The cameras are based on a Canon Super 35mm CMOS sensor with a maximum pixel count of 4.5K (EOS C700 GS PL at 4.2K). 4K DCI or 4K UHD can be recorded up to 810Mbps, which, when matched with the triple DIGIC DV5 processors onboard, should produce some impressively high-resolution video with, Canon states, low-noise and shallow depth of field. Add in ISO of up to 102,400 and built-in ND filters, with up to 10-stops of control, and you;ve got a model that will perform in most lighting conditions.

The EOS C700 EF features Dual Pixel CMOS AF, supports Canon Log 3, Log 2 and Log Gammas, and is without doubt HDR-friendly as it is capable of recording up to a 15-stops of Dynamic Range (limited to 14-stops with the GS PL). It also supports Canon Cinema Gamut, BT.2020, and DCI-P3, as well as ACES 1.0 workflow and HDR monitoring with SMPTE ST.2084.

via Canon’s surprise new flagship 4K Cinema EOS System: the EOS C700


Press Release:

Ideal for Major 4K Cinema, Television, and On-Demand Streaming Productions

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 1, 2016 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced today the next step in the evolution of the Cinema EOS family of professional cinematography products with the new EOS C700, EOS C700 PL and EOS C700 GS PL cinema cameras.

Featuring a completely new, customizable, modular design, the EOS C700 meets the demands of today’s productions – from feature films to documentaries to episodic dramas. The EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL cameras feature a Super 35mm 4.5K sensor1 with wide dynamic range, and can be ideal for productions requiring 4K UHD TV or 4K DCI cinema deliverables. The EOS C700 GS PL features a Super 35mm 4K sensor with a global shutter to enable the distortion-free capture of subjects moving at high speeds. In addition to supporting the earlier XF-AVC2 recording format, the cameras also support Apple® ProRes.

Recognizing that customers today demand flexibility and the ability to respond to the changing needs of productions, the EOS C700 allows users to convert between EF mount and PL mounts, and between a standard CMOS image sensor and a global shutter CMOS image sensor at Canon service facilities3. The EF lens mount provides compatibility with Canon’s diverse lineup of over 70 interchangeable EF lenses as well as enabling use of Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. While the EOS C700 PL and EOS C700 GS PL allow use of industry-standard PL lenses and compatibility with Cooke /i metadata communication technology.

For those wanting to shoot and deliver High Dynamic Range (HDR)4 content, the EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL are ideal – providing 15 stops of latitude5, Canon’s proprietary Log Gammas (Canon Log3, Canon Log2 and Canon Log) and renowned color science. Additionally, these cameras seamlessly integrate with Canon’s professional 4K displays (DP-V2420, DP-V2410 or DP-V1770) for on-set color management and review that conforms to SMPTE ST 20846 standards of HDR display.

To complement these powerful new acquisition tools, Canon has turned to its trusted partner Codex to provide a fully-integrated (no cables) recording and workflow option. The combination of the EOS C700 camera with the optional Codex CDX-36150 recorder allows for high-speed 4.5K RAW recording at up to 100FPS, 4K RAW at up to 120FPS, 4K ProRes at up to 60FPS, 2K ProRes at up to 240FPS and XF-AVC at up to 60FPS.

Canon’s new EOS C700, EOS C700 PL and EOS C700 GS PL are the first Cinema EOS cameras to support anamorphic shooting  by utilizing a “de-squeeze” function for monitoring7, making possible the creation of images with the 2.39:1 aspect ratio typical of cinema productions. Furthermore, enabling Full HD high-frame-rate recording at a maximum of 240 fps (crop8), the camera enables smooth playback, even when slowed down, for great emotional visual expression.

Along with the announcement of these cameras, Canon is also introducing optional accessories OLED 1920×1080 Electronic View Finder EVF-V70, Remote Operation Unit OU-700, Shoulder Support Unit SU-15, Shoulder Style Grip Unit SG-1 and B4 mount adapters MO-4E/MO-4P.

The EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL are currently expected to go on sale in December 2016, while the EOS C700 GS PL is currently expected to go on sale in January 2017. The EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL will have a list of $35,000.00 each** and the EOS C700 GS PL will have a list price of $38,000.00**.

Press Release source: 

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon)


  1. I would love an opportunity to see it demoed. I am an Independent Filmmaker who is looking to upgrade from DSLR. Please let me know if there will be any demo’s in The NY ,Melville area or NYC.

  2. Great news, love the form factor.
    Now Canon remove some high end features of this model, and give us a C200 4K for 6000$…please?

  3. What Canon is doing is so strange. Each of their cameras comes out a year or two too late (spec wise) and with premium pricing. I can’t wrap my head around their thinking.

    1. Author

      What Canon is doing is smart (just all in how you look at it). Some people expect them to be ‘bleeding edge’ – when has Canon ever been there? Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? Well heck, fewer than 20% of the market is doing 4k video… so why cater to that 20%?

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